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    New to IndiaStudyChannel............

    I am Amratha pai. And I am new ISC.
    I will be happy if anyone assists me as I'm new to this kind of sites.

    Amratha pai
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    Simply, if you got something to share with us & simultaneously want more discussions on that then you are on the right platform. Just share the information or the experience & also learn the viewpoint of others. The more quality submissions will bring you with more bucks in your pocket along with other surprising gifts.

    So welcoming you in our family.

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    Welcome to ISC. To understand more about this site and know how to contribute on this site I advise you to go through help topics first. You can click on more on the blue bar on this page and a list will drop down and in that, you will see the help topics. Then you can go through the article section and visit the articles which are written about this ISC. Similarly, in Forum section also on the top, you will see some posting from ISC which will tell you about the various points concerned with the site. Once you read these all you will get a fair idea about the site and then you can start by posting threads on the forum section.
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    Thanks for the suggestions


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    Welcome to ISC the reputed educational portal in the web world. We are here to assist you as and when required. Please do not hesitate to put up your problems in the ISC forum section. The WMs, ME, the LEs, Editors and members will be kind enough to sort out your doubts, query and problems. Wish you all the best.
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    Amratha Pai, a warm welcome to ISC! At the outset, let me tell you that this is basically an educational site and so is different from other common social networking sites in approach and working style. The contents posted by members are moderated to ensure that there is no violation of our guidelines and also to check grammar and spelling mistakes as and when possible. ISC is a platform where you can share your knowledge and opinion on various issues and also can gain knowledge from the contributions of other members.

    I suggest you read and understand the Posting Guidelines and other Help Topics before becoming active here. Reading a few of the earlier contributions in different sections will also help you to gather an idea about the requirements of this site and in the process, you can get acquainted with our members also.

    It would be better if you start by posting responses to new threads that interest you and gradually move up step by step as you become aware of the various sections and the policies of this site. Please ensure that you do not respond to threads that are ten or more days older and also that you don't use SMS language or short-cuts. You can post a thread in the forum in case of any doubt you conceive after reading the guidelines and help topics or anywhere in between and we all will only be glad to help you out. ISC is a very friendly site with friendly members and Webmasters.

    I would like to remind you that this is not a money making site though your efforts will be rewarded as per quality of the content you post and also depending on your participation in the various contests that are conducted from time to time.

    So, feel free and start posting. You will be guided if you go wrong. All the best!

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