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    One out of 11 Assembly and 2 out of 4 Parliament seats is the score card of BJP in Bypolls

    In the prestigious Bypoll elections before 2019 General elections, News media and political parties have described it as acid test for BJP. In this acid test opposition parties together dismantled the hopes of winning more seats by BJP in these Bypolls. The prestigious UP Loksabha seat Kairana, RLD's Tabassum Hasan defeated BJP's Mriganka Singh by over 55,000 votes. The Samajwadi Party has won the Noorpur Assembly bypoll by 6,211 votes in UP. So BJP is facing backfire from UP voters. The only Assembly seat retained by BJP is the Tharali assembly seat in Uttarakhand by meager lead of 1,900 votes. Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) in alliance with Congress retained both Silli and Gomia seats in Jharkhand. Trinamool Congress' Dulal Das won Maheshtala assembly by poll in W. Bengal by 62,827 votes. Congress candidate Hardev Singh Ladi won the Shahkot assembly by poll in Punjab by over 38,000 votes. RJD candidate Shahnawaz Alam won the Jokihat Assembly seat in Bihar over Nitish Kumar's JD(U) candidate in the prestigious contest. So slowly Mr.Nitish is losing his grip over Bihar after he alliened with BJP. In Meghalaya Ampati assembly seat is won by Congress candidate and thus becoming single largest party in Meghalaya. In Maharashtra one Lok Sabha seat is won by NCP and the other by BJP. This acid bypoll election results clearly indicating Mr.Modi's wave is no more in the country like in 2014 General elections. Rajasthan, MP and Jarkhand elections before the General elections will definitely pave way for the opposition parties in their win.
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    At least one thing for sure that now no one would raise any issues in context to the use of Electronic Voting Machines. So its a good thing.

    In addition, I wasn't expecting this but again & for whatsoever reason the Modi led government would again be questioned for their policies.

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    In my response #629639 I had written that
    " BJP does not have a committed voter base to see it win. BJP wins only by the votes of the silent, unbiased and neutral, but alert middle class and ordinary people who analyse and react with the changing situations." And also added that" Electoral mathematics shows strategic and tactical alliances can make situations as what is happening now."
    Though the Modi government is doing a lot of things, mostly reflected in the international relationships and stands, it is the ground level ordinary voters who will decide the ruling party in the next elections.

    Ordinary people though are aware of the steps taken for long term benefits, are more worried about the day-to-day problems they face. From auto rickshaw to railway ticket they have to pay more. Not just fuel oils but the price of edible oils pulses and grains are also rising even after GST. On the other hand, their income is reduced by falling interest on bank deposits and increasing bank charges and various taxes and levies. Every ordinary thing has been made online and this involves incompatibility and involves more cost for people. There is worry of security too. The Aadhaar which started as one time matter has now spread its tentacles everywhere making things very difficult for honest and law abiding citizen.

    Above all, there is a sort of opaqueness and lack of openness from the part of the government in explaining or removing people's doubts.
    Concluding my response 609502,in this thread of,Sept.2017, I had mentioned that "A feeling has now crept in is that this government is not sensitive to the middle class and poor, but is in favour and bias to big corporate only. If this continues, then 2019 may give a different result.The only solace to the ruling party is the lack of cohesion and direction with the opposition parties."
    Now there seems a sort of understanding and cohesion among the opposition, and that shows in the various results.

    To overcome the strategic alliance BJP/NDA needs people's real support.For that they have to sincerely work for the people.Will the BJP/NDA learn from all these?

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    It is better that at least they got 50% of the MP seats in the bypolls. However, in assembly elections there is a lot of downtrends is faced by BJP. The views expressed by the Venkiteswaran are very true and one should accept those remarks. BJP followers mainly are middle class and ordinary people. They understand the things in a better way and vote for the better person but will not think about note and bottle. These days as there is a rise in fuel prices, the common is also suffering and I think that has reflected in the elections. But however, based on this result we can't say that BJP is losing its vote bank.
    Now to bring a change in the mood of the people BJP has to do some popular schemes which will attract people's attention and they may feel vote to BJP. The BJp government is in the process of changing the country and its policies will yield long-term policies. But as an immediate measure, they should see that the will get back their vote bank with some people friendly actions.

    always confident

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    This is the indicator of the shape of things to come. The BJP lost a golden chance to consolidate by its arrogance. The party is already less than the halfway mark. The party managed to win only four out of twenty three by-elections to Lok Sabha since 2014. It lost the support of its ally Telugu Desam Party and likely to lose the Shiv Sena also. The State of Uttar Pradesh which is very important for any political party in the parliament elections seems to be slipping out of its grasp with the SP and BSP coming together.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    In fact it is very good performance from the BJP. Winning two seats out of 4 Parliament position is great and that testifies, Modi wave still in tack. Assembly seats are having regional aspirations and feelings , and also the candidate makes the dent even against the popular persons. But Kairana win by RJD candidate is a big surprise. I just cannot understand as to how the voters are choosing the candidate whose party boss is in jail and being charged sheeted in one case or the other. Nevertheless we have to respect the people's verdict and BJP must brace up as the Yogi government has to learn from these defeats.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I have always been maintaining that the Modi magic is just about fading and it has really lost its shine.

    There is no achchi din for the middle class or the poor. That is reserved for the Chochars and the Nirav Modis, who have cheated the banking system. Modi, who is a very honest person, should do some drastic surgery and get something done.

    He should formulate a scheme like the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. That the Government only makes loud noises is very loud and clear. For instance, take the medical insurance scheme, proudly announced by the great Finance Minister, in the budget speech. Till date, there is absolutely no clarity on its execution.

    Merely talking will not do. People are frustrated and see through the high handed games of the master manipulator, Mr Amit Shah. Let this fellow go, and let Modi bring in a good person, a person with a clean image, like the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, as the Party chief, The BJP will regain its lost popularity.

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    Mr. Mohan, The Lok Sabha what BJP won has fought with their own alliance partner Shiv Sena in Maharashtra. The other Loksabha seat is won by their alliance partner of Nagaland.

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    Elections are fought with either directly or with the alliance partners and that is compulsion for big national parties and the win denotes cooperation from both ends.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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