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    Don't depend too much on E-mode

    We are becoming too lazy these days by over-depending on electronic appliances. Instead of trying to make up a team of similar category of people, I should own the responsibility of becoming careless and more lazy. I too join the club of the people who store everything in the mobile or the google drive.

    Today I had been to one of the Defence establishments where I had to deposit my mobile. To avoid the delay in collecting, I left it with the car driver. After completing the job, we returned but forgot to get back the mobile from the driver. After dropping me, my colleague was in the car whose phone number was also the in the mobile. The hard copy of the telephone directory was not available and I tried to get it from the Google drive. But there was no network connectivity. To get my colleague's number or that of the driver who is a regular one became a Herculean task. Finally, I could reach him and my mobile too.

    But the two hour frustration taught me a lesson. I should have a hard copy of the phone numbers readily on hand. Shifting to e-mode may save paper but not the time and it happens many a time. Isn't it?

    Any take on this with your own experience?
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    Yes this is one more lesson one has to learn that they have to maintain the hard copy of important contact numbers with name. Normally in mobile we do not by heart the numbers instead press on the name and talk with the person. But when some one asks for the phone number, then we have to go into the personal details of the concerned person and then pass on to the needy. I always maintain the dairy and lists out important phone number so that in case of emergency anybody can have the number to be passed on. And contact numbers should not be in cell memory instead it should be in phone memory.
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    I keep my list of contact numbers in a small telephone diary which is in the handbag which goes with me everywhere. It also includes my own personal contact details of my home & family members in case of an emergency. One of my friends once looked in astonishment when I removed the diary to note down his new contact number when we met for a cup of tea, instead of putting it in my contact list on my phone. I told him that it was quicker for me to write in pen in the diary than fiddle with the phone's keyboard - add the name, add the number, etc. He laughed but also had a thoughtful look on his face right after, saying that I was extremely sensible to have the contacts in a diary and it would be a good idea for him as well if he kept one. Don't know, though, if he did maintain a diary later!
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    These days we have become so lazy that we even don't want to type the number to call a friend and we will be using our contact list and hence we don't remember the numbers. I remember my wife's phone number but not my son's numbers. So when we have gone recently to a tour we have written their phone numbers on a paper and we kept the same with us. By any chance, if charging of our phone is over and we may have to contact our house for any reason we may require their numbers. That is why we kept in writing with us.
    In our house, we maintain a telephone directory in which we will have all the numbers so that we can refer them if there is any necessity. These days all things are to be carried out easily without moving from the house and the electronic mode is making this possible and it is increasing the laziness in people.

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    There could be the other scenario wherein the information may get lost permanently. In one of my instance, my laptop suddenly stopped working. I took this to the service center wherein I was informed of that the hard disk was damaged & that only replacement can be done & no chance of data getting restored. I had no options but to go with it. Another instance is one mobile when the screen got damaged, the mobile had to be formatted with no retrieval.

    Well, we can call this as a bad time which may happen to anyone & the biggest setback is that we can't decide the time other than to keep up with the consequences.

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    I am glad that the author got enlightened even though it came about after that frustrating experience. I recollect that there was a time when we used to distinctly remember addresses, phone numbers and even the vehicle numbers of people who were close to us. It is a different thing that we used to maintain diaries or small notebooks to keep such records but we could remember a few important numbers even without referring to them. But with the advent of mobile and other electronic gadgets, I say that I have seen people who don't even remember their personal numbers. Having fed all the details in the gadgets, they think that all the information is available at their fingertips and so forget about it. Same is the case with people relying on the Google map app to see the route they need to take; believe me, it is not totally reliable (you never know whether it has been updated). So friends, start memorizing important numbers and addresses and also keep a hard copy of the same instead of learning it the hard way as our poor Jagdish.
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    Wonderful thought Sir. We are depending too much on the "e" factor for everything. In fact, the young iT crowd has made this possible, and since we try to blindly ape them, we are loosing even our traditional touch of feeling and emoting it.

    It is not only instances like the one described by the author. Huge advertisements everywhere, point out the increasing trend of ordering saris through the internet.

    I guess this is the height of nonsense. Sari is our traditional dress, and will remain so, for centuries. We still have not reached a stage where the bride will be dressed in jeans on the wedding day, though that thought itself may be only fifty years away!!

    Be that as it may, look at how the retailers of Chennai, have formed a niche for marketing their saris and other dress materials. The Sun TV or any other famous Channel, is always busy showing some flashy advertisement, complete with a big dance and a lot of joy, so much evident in the background. This resonates so well with the local crowd, who see a replica of the local Tamil movie in such advertisements. In huge shops like the Pothy's , it is quite common for the men folk to even go out and have enough time to meet their friends!!

    Well, cultures cannot be totally wiped out with the most modern advancements in Information Technology. We need to understand that we have it in our blood to adopt the print version also. We do have men who preserve all the letters written by their fathers. The dairy is still a very useful method of noting down everything.

    The mobile may be a great innovation, but it cannot take away everything that is part of traditional cultures.

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