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    What would be the situation when a famous personality was not identified by other person ?

    We all know that Tothukudi town has witnessed shooting incident from police in which 13 people have been killed. Over all these days no politician dare to visit owing to outrage and anger of the people and police has been preventing the political leaders. However Rajnikanth has braced up to visit those who have been affected by the disturbances and police shoot. When he visited the hospital and met the patients, one old man does not know Rajni and pleaded ignorance. Whether he really does not know the super star or made respond like that. But what I am asking that for a iconic figure like Rajni is that a insult or what else ?
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    You said that an old man did not recognize Rajnikanth. It is true that many old people do not known the film personalities. The great personality should bear it and should not consider it as an insult.

    The correct name of the place is - Thoothukudi (Erstwhile Tuticorin) A major sea port of India.

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    I don't feel it is an insult. There is no rule every person has to identify the iconic figures. For example, my father who is about 85 years now can't identify either Kamalhassan or Rajanikanth. He will not see movies or TV shows. He sees only SVBC and Bakthi Channels. Hence he doesn't know many of the Telugu famous new actors also.
    I think the man who has not identified the superstar may really not identify him. Otherwise, he will never plead for the ignorance.

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    It is absolutely ridiculous to expect every single Indian to identify a person like Rajnikant. First of all, he may be a Superstar, but a zero in politics, who has not even announced the name of his party. He is a sort of a comedian in Tamil Nadu politics.

    He does not do anything that is sensible. Even today, he has not even mentioned the name of his party. He gets a big headache if one asks what his policies are. His best friend is one Mr Gurumurthy, a good chartered accountant, with RSS links. It is said that this guy is his best ad visor.

    it is sad that Rajnikant should have such glorious company. All that is good about Rajnikant is that he is a humble person. But he is a baby in Tamil Nadu politics. The other big fishes are keenly watching every move of his. They will simply pounce on him. He is bound to be a zero in Tamil Nadu politics.

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    It is not an insult to Rajanikanth, because in Toothukudi the protest has emerged for few months and it was difficult for the people to live there, so intense reactions came from the public side. It is shame that none of the political parties in the area has given a support for the people. Vedanta group is opening companies without proper environmental clearance and the government should close down this plant as fast as possible. Rajanikanth must know that people are not able to live there due to problems from the plant.
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    If Rajnikanth is a good guy, he should have offered a huge sum in millions to the death victims and the injured public and the police. Just a simple visit to hospital won't do any good to the public. In fact, I would say that he is not MGR, but a miser to spend for such purposes.
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    Before getting to Rajnikanth and his identification, I think Mohan has mentioned it wrong when he said that no political leader visited Thoothukudi. The publicity minister of Tamil Nadu, Sri Raju and the Dy CM of Tamil Nadu, Mr OPS along with the fisheries minister did visit the place and also met the injured in the hospital. I believe it would be nice to ascertain facts before coming up with such remarks in public platforms; after all, we are neither politicians or media persons.

    Coming to the point, I don't think Rajni need to feel bad about an old person not recognizing him. He must have surely felt embarrassed at that moment but then I am sure he is someone who can take it in his stride. On a lighter note, Rajnikanth in real life (now) does look much different from what he looks like on screen. So, it is not a big issue at all.

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    Rajanikant might have gone without makeup. People are used to the film stars with makeup.
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    If OPS and Minister would have gone, they would have been pre informed and thus no insult.
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