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    Want some guidance from senior and experienced Members

    I have been planning to post some film reviews in the Articles section (and not in Forum section). As I have not submitted any film review as an Article so far, I would like to know from senior Members of ISC what points I should cover in the film reviews. Acting, direction, editing, set-making, story-telling and song & dance sequences are the points which are generally covered in normal film review. I would like to know whether covering these points would be sufficient in the film-review in ISC, or some other aspects are required to be discussed.

    More importantly, can I frankly express my opinion on various aspects and the overall quality of the film? Senior and experienced Members may kindly guide.
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    Very good thoughts from the author. We have very few review contributions in the article section and not many are interested to submit films reviews in that section. Since you are now interested to share article, I would advise first start with famous Bengali film makers who have created a niche for themselves in the Hindi cinema and how the Bengali actors were in so demand in past era. Like wise you can take up one after the other department in film making and submit the articles.I am sure being Bengali you have lots of information and inputs to bring in best churned articles. But never append the gossips that have been emanating in the media and that would bring bad repute to you and the site. I feel you have whole lots of themes in the film articles and that can be explored in detail and make some good articles. I shall eagerly wait and append my comments too.
    K Mohan
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    Why the editors has cut the points from my post.If the answer were wrong, then the editor himself should have suggested ways and means to help the author.
    K Mohan
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    Writing a review/being a food and movie critic is often a tough balancing act. Either one can write a short review laced amply with sarcasm or, instead of being negative completely, give a honest view and add which department/s can be improved. It pays to bear in mind the class of movie, the hierarchy of the director/producer/actor and the general audience in mind.

    For instance, one of the good movies that I've seen a few times is the English movie ' The Revanant'. Some of the reviews were punishing for the lack of depth in the story line. But if you watch the movie, it is breath taking, the landscape, the cinematography and the powerful performance by Leonardo DiCaprio. The life of the fur traders/huntsman is beautifully portrayed.

    So, I would say focus on the script and story line, then the performance and locations, song and dance is good to be commented in a commercial/historical movie but may not be so relevant in a action or a spy thriller. Focusing on how the actors perform with respect to the movie story line is also important. There are some movies wherein one single character carries the entire movie ( Surya in the Singam franchise, Kamal in Nayagan, Amir in Dangal), in such movies, you should also be fair to the other characters and elements of the movie.

    In short, try not to be brutally honest with a biased view based on an actor, director or production house, give some leeway to upcoming directors and new actors on the screen. Lastly, the review should imply indirectly whether it's worth spending 3 hours and 300 rupees.

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    I would suggest you read through reviews written by people who make money writing them. That should be your starting point. Learn how it is done, from the best in the business. Next, know your target audience. Are they someone who appreciates the minutiae of cinema? Would they be interested in knowing the nitty-gritty of a movie?

    That being said, if I were reviewing a movie I would put aside personal biases.

    For example, one might not like Dev Anand's tilted, bobbing head, but it would be prudent to remember that it is what the audiences loved. It is what made him a matinee idol. Similarly, one might not like the Khans, but this loathing must not be a reason to rip their performance. As a critic, it is crucial to put aside personal preferences and do the job with sincerity. Of course, one is entitled to one's opinion, but it wouldn't be expected of an expert reviewer.

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    It is good you are thinking of writing articles on a movie review. I have submitted one such movie of Telugu recently. I have explained the story content without revealing the complete story. Then I have touched the performance of various artists and other technicians. I have also mentioned about the screenplay, music, dialogues, lyrics, and other specialities which will be added value to the cinema.
    Anyhow you can read various newspapers and other journals in which you will find cinema reviews and that will give you an idea about the methodology. Similarly, there are some other articles on ISC article section on the movies. You can go through those articles also so that you will get a better understanding.
    However, you are a superstar in article section and your vocabulary is very good and your language skills are excellent. So you can definitely make a good write up. Go ahead and all the best to you.

    always confident

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    Writing review of a movie is a critical work and it will differ from person to person depending upon his impressions and perceptions about the movie.

    Writing a review will generally start with the background about the movie, when it was released, who directed It, the main caste, performance at box office etc.

    After this we have to give the plot or storyline of the movie. We can not give the detailed story here but must give the main twists and turns of the story. Most of the writers do not disclose the end of the storyline and insist the reader to see it to enjoy the theme.

    Next thing is assessment of the movie based on its speed, cinematography, pucturisation, characters played by the lead actors, any social or patriotic impact etc. The author has to give the final rating based on his observations and judgement. Anything which has been portraited extraordinarily can be mentioned separately while concluding the review.

    Incidentally, I am also writing movie reviews and one of them is published in ISC. It is the review of the hindi movie - October. You can go through it and see if it helps you in your endeavour to write movie reviews.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I sincerely thank all the Members who have responded to the question raised by me in this Forum post. I have learnt a lot from all responses.

    So, I think that if I don't like the acting or direction of an actor or a director, I can't say it directly in the review. I have to express my opinion in an indirect manner in carefully-worded sentences.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Thanks for sharing your opinion, I think that entertainment is too important for everyone but ISC is the best educational or opinion sharing platform. In this place movies review may effects our visitors.
    Phagu Mahato
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    Partha, just be true to yourself while reviewing any movie or book. You don't have to please anyone. Just dot down what you actually feel. There is, of course, no doubt that you to have an idea about the different segments. We have some good reviews in our article section which might be of help to you.
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    In every actor, director, or even a film related persons, there must be some great quality about them and that can be appended with their latest film and how it was received. Not necessarily one can highlight about the actors and directors, there are other departments like editing, cameraman, dialogue, lyrics, playback singing , fighting, movie making houses and so on. The list is endless. We all know the Sri Rajeswari movies is also associated with family oriented cinema. Likewise Gemini movies are associated with serious and comedy type movies. And Shantaram movies are epics. This way you can build your writing aspects in articles.
    K Mohan
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    A writer when start writing on a subject, he/she should be honest with themselves to write what actually they want. Whether it is the critic or praising he should be alone responsible for what he/she feel about that particular subject. You should be able to express your own thought on that matter. Yes, taking guidance or getting inspired by someone else is good which provide us some knowledge. However, One should bring out his her own style and the way he tells a story.

    In fact regarding movie reviews, one should bring out the interesting fact about the movie as well as say it frankly if something should have done better way. I am sure people have the different opinion and test to judge a film and it will continue but that does not stop anyone to write about their frank and open opinions.

    So, write what you feel to write or want to express.

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    K Mohan
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