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    How do you see Pescetarians?

    Following my post, Meatatarian and non- meatatarian , I came across one another term called pescetarian. It is also about a category of people based on their food habit.
    These people eat fish and no other meat. In western countries, they represent themselves as vegetarian. In India, brahmin and few other community strictly follow vegetarianism, still their sub groups like Goud saraswat Brahmin, Maithili Brahmin and Bengali brahmins consume sea food. These people consider fishes as vegetables from sea.

    Recently my family pediatrician, while explaining the nutrition in different foods, talked about the importance of having fish on diet. She highlighted that fishes are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which is more important for pregnant ladies and kids for brain development. The surprising thing in her statement is, "Vegans include fish in their diet".

    To simply the grouping, these pescetarians are brought under the category of meatatrian in some places and Vegetararian in some places.

    1. Are you a Pescetarian? How do you represent yourself?
    2. Is t true that Vegans include fishes in their diet?
    3. How do you see sea foods - as vegetables or meat?
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    Do you know that Lord Shiva is a Pescetarian? Yes. He is. I visited one Shiva temple of Paraseenikadavu in Kerala. In that temple, the pooja is performed by offering dry fish to lord Shiva. It is the temple where the devotees are welcomed with a cup of pulses and a glass of tea. Lunch (Anna Dhaan)also available to the devotees. The fees charged for the poojas are also damn cheap.
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    I am not a Pescetarian. I don't eat fish and so far I have not eaten any seafood also. Here I want to add a point. Even in seafood also there are vegetarian food and nonvegetarian food. In seafood, we will find some foods which are basically tree and plant-based. They are classified as Sea vegetarian food. Some kinds of seafood are flesh based and they can be classified as sea meat food. I say fishes will come under the second type of kinds of seafood.
    I am a strict vegetarian. I never tasted so far any meat products or egg products.

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    I have come across only Bengalis who claim that eating fish is vegetarian. In fact, anything apart from vegetables, if consumed, do not get classified as vegetarian at all. Pure vegetarianism simply means only vegetables and fruits. Not even egg.

    There are thousands of Tamil Brahmins who do not touch garlic and onion at all. They do claim that since these come from under the earth, they are strictly not to be classified as vegetable products. The Jains belong to this category. They do argue that garlic is not be consumed by vegetarians.

    Given these realities, since I do travel to so many parts of India, I do consume a bit of garlic or onion, since it is added in so many preparations, but stay out of even egg, Fish cannot come under vegetarianism.

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    The categorization of veg and non-veg originates from the food from the plants or from the living organisms. This is the common notion in most of the cultures and societies.

    Due to localized variations, some people have started eating fish and decided to consider it as veg food. It was done simply to satisfy the local social authorities.

    I do not take non-veg as well as fish and strongly believe that logically and scientifically speaking, fish is a non-veg food.

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    Hope members won't mind if I say one of the God of a religion is a Pescetarian. Once during a meeting where God was present, the people had nothing to eat. Someone had only few pieces of bread and two fishes. God asked for it, and it was brought before the Lord. He blessed it to turn it into many thousand breads and fishes to feed the entire crowd. So, fish is liked by the God too. Any comment please.
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    I am a totally vegetarian person and hence cannot comment in detail on the subject but surely reading the responses being appended by various members for this post.
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    I haven't seen any Bengali claiming to be a vegetarian, as one of the Members said. I have seen many Bengalis saying that they take fish but no meat. Further, among the Brahmins, Kashmiri Pandits are also traditionally non-vegetarians.
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