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    Dignity of work while bringing up the children.

    It is said that no work is big or no work is small. It is our mind set to perceive it in that way.

    I may like to cook as a senior chef in a five-star hotel but may not extend a helping hand to my mother in our house kitchen even in emergencies. Since we are not properly taught about the importance of small manual jobs in our life, we prefer to glue to our computers and phones rather to extend a helping hand for small tasks in the house once in a while.

    Unfortunately, the upbringing in many of the homes is not in line of learning to do small jobs oneself. The children are not taught these small things and they suffer miserably when go out for studies or jobs and stay in bachelor or guest house accommodations. They feel as they are handicapped inspite of all their physical faculties working perfectly.

    I feel it is the defective upbringing that These children have gone through that they have a great resistance for small jobs.

    What do you think about this?
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    In some State Board and even CBSE schools, am told, carpentry, or basic electrical work, like putting up the ceiling fans or getting the fuse corrected in a particular line, and the like, is compulsory. If parents do teach such things, it will bring about a sea change.

    I have seen small children, as young as five or six, attending to small things like watering of plants, even in the very rich houses. This will help them to get he right attitudes towards conservation of the environment. In fact, it is always seen that such children grow up to become very good adults with a huge sense of social responsibility.

    Certain colleges make it a point to motivate children to take the broom and clean the premises near their rooms, pick up drinking water and get them to be filled in the containers placed in class rooms and so on. Those the students are much older at this age, the practice is very good, as it helps to be involved in constructive work.

    We need to identify all such bright spots and practices and help our children learn from them. The more we teach them, at a very young age, the better.

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    By the way why one should feel aloof in their own house. There is one song in Tamil. " Aadi Paadi velai seithal alupu irukkadhu adhil anum pennum sera vittal azhagu irukkadhu" meaning one should do the work joyfully even singing songs, and that will reduce the stress and if a male and female work together then there is no question of boredom. What I mean to stress here that we may be a great professional, a great and important employee in a office, a great doctor, a great engineer, a great social worker,. But all these are waste unless and until you prove to be a great husband to your wife by cooperating in her kitchen routines daily.
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    Many educated people think that they deserve only white collar jobs. Even they suffer without a job but don't want to earn their livelihood by doing some job without thinking about nature of the job, so that they need not depend on their parents for livelihood. But these days we are observing a little change. We are finding some people who are very well educated working as drivers to earn the food.
    In foreign countries, the parents will take care of their children up to an age of 18 years. Then they will leave them and the children have to take care of themselves. But in our country, this system is not in practice. But I think we should also teach the children about the importance of living on their without depending on parents and they should also be taught about the dignity of labour.

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