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    The perils of procrastination

    Procrastination is very much there in our Indian blood. In offices, we often find a subordinate, who literally packs up some forty minutes before the scheduled close of time, and if asked to do any work, would just say "Sir, I will do it tomorrow morning". When forced to do the work, he would come up with an excuse that his wife is sick or even recall hid dead grandmother, and claim that she is sick!!

    Procrastination is the art of postponing things. We all do it. The Westerners don't. Their never say die spirit is something that we need to learn from them. Professors trained abroad, would sit at the same table, for as many as five hours at a single stretch, and keep writing or reading, at the prestigious IIM, Ahmedabad, even if its well over 8 PM in the night. They would come back the next day and continue with their research work.

    Hard work is the key to success. The "do it now" attitude to life is vital.

    A Systematic Investment Plan, started at the age of twenty-four, for just Rs.500/ -per month, would have given us something like 3.6 lakhs in a good mutual fund, only if we had done it. Similarly, planning through small recurring deposits, picking up a housing plot at a throwaway price in the far away suburb of the city are all decisions that we need to take, NOW.

    It is now or never. Those who succeed see merit in every small thing. They tend to see light at the end of every tunnel, are optimistic and do every bit to make their lives better.

    Members will have interesting stories to tell, based on their life experiences. Let us not procrastinate. Let us not allow others to procrastinate too.
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    Postponing things has been the childhood habit for many and it wont die that easily. For no reason we used to postpone the things. While in schools we are lazy to do the home work and we forget to do the same. When asked the reason we would plead ignorance. In office when important works are assigned one after another we take to excuse of completing the same in installments.Over and above every working employee is more disturbed by the subordinates and they curtail the working ability and thus the work piles up. So next time one must finish the work and then indulge in gossip other wise there are every chance of postponing the assigned works.
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    The thread has many messages.
    But I will deal with the title message. Frankly, I have the habit of procrastination. (Of course, not in all things.I know priorities also) The non-priorities, I simply postpone. That does not mean that I waste my time. I do something else productive, creative , helping others or enjoying myself.
    But from my many experiences I had found that procrastination helps also. Many things which I postponed come up pretty well at the last moment which would not have been so had I done them at the very first moment. Sometimes some issues which could have become really serious got solved by themselves and cooled off when delayed.
    But one should also know the risk and cost of postponing or delaying something urgent or of priority. On getting a task we should be able to evaluate and decide on whether it is a priority and what is the risk if postponed. Only after that should we postpone or delay it.

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    Procrastination is not good. Do it now is a good habit. But when there are many works to do we should prioritise the works and attempt them at the earliest possible is a good practice. Generally, postponing the works will increase tension on us. If we complete our works of the day before you leave your workplace, you will have peace of mind after coming home and you can spend a quality time with the family members. Otherwise, your thinking will be always on the work to be completed. But attempting all works at a time in a hurry and not completing them properly is again very bad. So one job at a time and most important job immediately should be the approach. While we work on some task, if you have some waiting period, during that time you can attempt another work. If you see a housewife who will make food ready for you to go to the office and make your tiffin box ready, you will understand how to do multitasking by prioritising the works and doin the first important thing first.
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