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    Let us not encourage the professional beggars

    From whatever reports appear in the local vernacular press, the moment we see a small child begging in front of our cars, the best that we could possibly do, is to inform the police. This child might as well be a child taken away from parents, when the child was hardly three years old, and sold off to a professional gang of beggars, who have perfected the art of begging and using such small children to get into the trade.

    In Chennai or Bangalore, it is quite common to see such children begging. We should use our influence with the police to enable these children to be set free, and possibly re-unite with their parents.

    In the bus stations, it is common to find such professional beggars come up with a small child, tugged carefully in their waist and they would continuously tell us their sob stories of how the child has not eaten anything for four days. Our heart would melt, and we would give ten rupees. A little far away from us, she would do it again.

    One is told that these are the organized gangs, and the child is possibly stolen from somewhere too.

    We need to totally discourage such professional beggars and organize a movement to put an end to this menace.
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    Yes professional beggars have become a nuisance in many cities and they have formed as a syndicate and union and has the support of local leaders who support their begging as they too get some cut. Seeing this, the Telangana Jail department has started lifting the beggars from cross roads who are constantly begging and disturbing the road users. They are nicely trimmed, given good bath and food and made to stay in jail by doing some self employed work and start earning for their own. This is the good concept and hope other states will also follow the same and soon there will be beggars free cities.
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    It is a play by a gang of rowdy sheeters and selfish fellows in many cities. In Hyderabad also there are many gangs who will hire the children from their parents and keep them at some public places like temples, bus stands, railway stations and traffic signals. These people will drop them in the place and in the evening they will come and take them back. The entire collection will be taken by them and they give a very small amount as a daily wage to the parents. If the children are trying to do some mischiefs they will be punished by the mafia people without any mercy. Unfortunately, there is a belief in the people that police are also acting as hand glove with the mafia. So when somebody handover these children to the police, again they will be handed over to these people.
    Similarly, some people pretend as if they are physically handicapped and try to get the sympathy of the people. So we should not encourage these children begging and other professional beggars.

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