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    Why the bottom of the pyramid is so important

    By elections may not be the exact parameter to judge a political party's success, like the BJP. It may not also reflect on the popularity of the leader.

    Yet, the alarm bells might have been ringing loud and clear. The ruling party at the Center has some time to mend its ways.

    Here is how.

    It has to revamp the Public Distribution System and allocate additional funds to it, immediately. It should bring out a good scheme, like a recurring deposit, for the poor, with life insurance that would amount to ten or fifteen times the amount saved, at the end of the period. For example, if the amount is as small as Rs.62 to get a round figure of Rs.10,000/- at the end of ten years, the life insurance amount should be one lakh, totally non taxable.

    However, this should be restricted to only those who buy the bare essentials from the ration shops. The other beneficiaries should be immediately identified.

    Modi's accident insurance scheme is a very good scheme. However, a scheme like the aforesaid thing, will fetch him rich dividends, as the poor will only see the small amount that they need to spare now. The scheme, should also be available through the urban co-operative banks, most of which now have the totally computerized operations. Every single bank official should be given targets to achieve in this regard.

    The bottom of the pyramid is hungry. And very angry. The middle classes can even buy petrol at Rs.150 per litre. The bottom, the rock bottom poor, can't. Since their earnings per day, is even less than Rs.150 in many cases.

    This is the real anger of those masses who might as well be thirty per cent of the electorate. This is the same thirty per cent who would happily accept Rs.500, food packets three times a day, and water, to sing praises of the leader in every meeting!!

    There are professional touts in each nook and corner, of Tamil Nadu, who bring such masses. The same family, of four people, get to become richer by Rs.2000 on a single day!!. They also get to travel, by lorries, in the hot sun, more like cattle to be butchered!!

    These poor masses, who do not know anything about inflation, about ATMs, about even how to fill a single bank form, or even count money properly, are being exploited by every single political party. The election time is the grand gala time for them. Some of them get to see four new places and shout for four different, but atrocious leaders, who have actually plundered all their wealth. What matters is the Rs.500.

    These masses can no longer be neglected. Money should come to their hands. They should get their share of the cake. If they don't, the ruling party might as well regret for ever.
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    I do agree with the author that the bottom of the pyramid must be very strong so that the entire structure stands good and erect. What my perception about the topic raised by the author that every scheme of the government is enlisted to reach the ultimate beneficiaries, but the middle men or the party cadre takes maximum advantage of any scheme and they take the cut and thus the beneficiary is left with pittance or nothing. In any state the major schemes introduced were not know to the real beneficiary and in the guise of creating awareness the party cadre or the brokers pave way for their side income. If you see in big banks where the pensioners does not know to fill up requisition form are being exploited by the touts and thus they get some money. That is why government must route all the welfare schemes direct to the account of the needy.
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    Bottom of the Pyramid should be strong. Very well said. But unfortunately in India, as we go up in the pyramid we will observe they are becoming stronger than the bottom. This is very dangerous.
    Whatever scheme the government is introducing it is not going to the rock bottom. It is being swallowed by middle people and the bottom people will be waiting for next elections to get two packets and Rs.500/-.
    These people never know what government is trying to do for them. That is why a chappal repairer's son is continuing in the occupation of his father as he is having no idea about the reservation policy and financial help from the governemnt. But a collector's son will become a collector as he knows that he is from a reserved class and he can enjoy the benefits. The key is in educating the people who are at the bottom of the pyramid. But who will do it and how to do it are the two big questions without any answers.

    always confident

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    The bottom of a pyramid or any concept in society for that matter is the most important but it is always forgotten and not appreciated. Only the loss of this will highlight it's importance.

    If you see the food chain pyramid, the apex predator will suffer if the ones at the bottom of the pyramid start to dwindle. If you see any tall building, the bottom ( foundation/pillars) are vital but no one sees it, all look at the building. However, will the building is shaky, then the bottom pillars come to our minds.

    What is happening in the Indian political scene reminds me of the Canadian 'Totem poles'. These tall poles have nice carvings of faces and a visible from long distances. As we go towards the top, the carvings and paintings are good because everyone sees it first. The sad truth is at the base, although very strong, the carvings are average because not many look at them.

    As far as the Indian electorate goes, If the people at the bottom start to revolt or ignore the politicians and their false innuendos, then automatically, this will change.

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    Any good leader or party will try to improve the conditions of poor and neglected masses in the society. That is in fact the unwritten agenda and every one knows it.

    Unfortunately, the social and financial inequalities in our country are so deeply rooted that for any Govt it is a challenging as well as a herculean task to bring the downtroddens to an acceptable financial stage.

    The general public thinks that the Govt has a magic wand in its hand and can do whatever it wants. In fact things are not as simple. The recent case of Aadhaar deadline not agreed by the supreme court is a small example of helplessness of the Govt in that particular matter.

    People give example of communist regimes in countries like China where the Govt has enough monopoly to do things in the favour of the poor and to some extent they are successful in that endeavour. We can not think of such monopolistic actions in democratic set up and our poor people have to wait for substantial time till the policies of the present Govt bear fruits or the next Govt does some different miraculous activities. Only the coming times will be able to tell that.

    Knowledge is power.

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