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    Why do economists not become socioeconomists?

    Kamaraj, the former tallest leader of Tamil Nadu, that the State has ever seen, was perhaps the best ever socioeconomist. He was a eighth standard pass person. Yet, he used his common sense to start the hugely successful mid day meals scheme for the poor Government school children. Today, this scheme has been copied by many State Governments, and implemented successfully.

    The World Bank had repeatedly praised the scheme.

    However, many arm chair economists depend purely on some numbers to understand what is going on. They never ever observe social phenomena, as it exists, or how things get exploited.

    To give a very simple example. Let us calculate how many thousands of rich, fertile, and revenue yielding farms, and fields, rightly belonging to some farmer, has been acquired by so many private parties, to set all our "Nagars" or residential colonies, in each of our cities.?

    What if we had not disturbed at least some of these farms and fields? Yes, the farmers would be living in the heart of the cities, but the fields will be intact. They would continue to be in their farms, and perhaps the surrounding neighbors will get fresh vegetables, right at their doors.

    Has this ever happened? Is this not plunder of a tall order? Is it not economics? Why do economists reside only in their rooms, and talk about macro and micro economics? Why do they often talk about slashing social security subsidies, when the Tata group can walk away with "concessions" to the tune of Rs.31,000 crores to set up a car manufacturing unit in Gujarat, to manufacture the small car called Nano?

    Are these concessions not economics? So, is it fair to rob Peter to pay Paul? And why is that the Peter, in every single case, is the poor guy, who is voiceless, does not even have a proper roof above his head?

    Socio economic phenomena is most important to understand economics and how it plays out. After all, all economics is about only three factors, and the dynamic relationship between three different variables of investment, demand and supply.

    To create the "demand" let us not plunder natural resources.. Let us not plunder every single source of natural wealth.

    Today, the hydro carbon project is being rejected only by those who fear that their farms and fields will be taken away by the capitalists in Tamil Nadu. Ditto for the thousand other protests throughout India.

    Will our economists become socioeconomists and look at larger good, for all the people to live more peacefully. At all times.
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    Unfortunately in India though we claim to be farmer friendly, our erstwhile five year plans were giving alternate support to Industries and agri sector. But over the period of time , the demand for Housing and infrastructure has forced the government to tilt towards Industries and thus farming sector has been systematically neglected, and that is the reason being so farmers failed to live with meager income and hence suicides. And having seen starving farmers the government wants Industries to shift their base to farm lands and thus provide employments to the locals and that is not happening.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In fact, In India Government is being run by Corporates but not by the Ministers. They fund all the parties and see that they will be in good books of the top bosses of the Government irrespective of which party is farming the government. They are the Kingmakers.
    This is the very reason even though our country is basically an agriculture based country, farmers will never get any good support. Many fertile lands are getting converted to living areas and killing the ways and means of farmer's to live in. The Amaravati is a big example for that. There are many baron lands near Nellore and Ongole and if the Capital was constructed there, the fertile lands of Krishna district and Guntur district might have saved.
    No economists reside in their rooms and talk about macro and microeconomics will never point out these points and advise the government. They will have their own reasons. This is the main reason for the financial disparities among the people.

    always confident

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