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    Can a piece of dyed hair in cooked food make it poisonous?

    It is common in every house that we sometimes notice a small hairpiece in the food while eating. Some people get irritated and throw all the food into the garbage while some will take out the hair and eat the food. In case if a person who cooks the food had a hair dye, will the food become poisonous? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Once in a while, it is not very harmful. Generally, the dye we use is very less soluble in hot water also. That is why our hair colour will not go easily even though you use hot water and take head bath. So if a small piece of dyed hair gets mixed in the food by mistake we need not worry. But it should not be a regular phenomenon.
    If it is in the house many people will just remove that and a little food around the place and consume the remaining food. But if it happens in a restaurant everybody will try to make a big issue out of it. They will get the plate removed and they will ask them to replace the entire dish.

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    Some hair colors contain ammonia which is a very harmful substance to the body.
    But a single strand doesn't contain enough to harm you. Infact people working in mining industries can have a fatal amount of arsenic in their hair. And people working in different environments have different chemical signatures on their hair. Hair is hygroscopic and absorbs moisture and other viscous fluids very nicely. So your normal undyed hair can also contain some harmful chemicals.

    And most dyes today come in creams so their reactivity is far too less. Powders react way too fast. So if you want to avoid any kind of sublime damage and irritation, go for natural creme dyes.

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    Hair dye is not harmful as there is no hair dye present in the hair. The hair dye perform its duty of changing the colour of the hair and get washed away. Nothing remains. Nothing is accumulated in the hair. Not to worry if a single dyed hair gets into your food.
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    I wont agree with the author. Now a days the house holds are using the Henna or Mehandi in Hindi we call it to color their hair and that is a natural product. Because even a pregnant women would eat the Mehandi powder making balls to clear the stomach upsets because it has the rare properties to keep the body clean. Such is the importance of Henna and if the hair strands do fall in the food, that wont be poisoned. However it is advised to have a scarf around the head after Henna has been applied and that will prevent the hair strands falling here and there. So nothing harm what so ever.
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    Yes, dye itself is very dangerous. Yet, these days even seventy five year old men and women have a habit of applying dye to their hair.

    There is a huge amount of chemical in all our hair dyes. Hence, there is every chance that the food becomes contaminated. It may not be poisonous. However, eating the left over food can cause enough harm, as the virus will spread within the body. Already, as even the most eminent doctors agree, our bodies are full of toxins, because we eat only heavily adulterated food. We have no vitamins, no proteins and so on. On top of this, due to our hectic life styles, the physical exercises -- very much needed to lead healthy lives -- is near zero, or totally absent.

    Given these realities, it is wise for anyone to discard the rest of the food. More so, for pregnant women. We need to be very careful here and avoid all complications.

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