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    Punjab is a clean state without any beggars. Is it true?

    I was informed that Punjab has no beggars in their state. Especially, there is no beggar from the Sikh community. Is it true? Knowledgeable members from Punjab or elsewhere can update this information.
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    As far as I know in Sikhism they should not beg. By the way every Gurudwara provides Langer, that means free food and free stay. So one can do service to the God at the Gurudwara and get two times food and also decent staying. Probably for this reason the beggars are not seen. Even In Hyderabad the state government is providing food for just 5 rupees but still we see the professional beggars on prowl. But slowly the government is containing the menace of the begging and one must emulate the model of Punjab so that there should not be any beggar seen in any town or the city across the country.
    K Mohan
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    I also heard that there are no beggars in Punjab and generally. Sikhs won't encourage begging. As mentioned by Mohan the Gurudwaras provide food to all the neddy.
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    Yes it is a general myth in India that Sikhs never beg. Because their religion prohibit begging and touching feet of spiritual gurus. Sikhism lays heavy rules upon how to safeguard your self-respect.
    But do Sikhs never beg? Circumstances force a person. Sikhs believe in giving alms. So there must be a few beggars after all.
    No doubt. Punjab would be the best contender of a beggar-less state. Sikhs are awesome. They work really hard and help each other out living as a community. The langer too is made out of contributions given by villagers and farmers during Baisakhi.
    They take less and give a lot. So I have deep respect for them.

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