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    Are you a homesick student when you are in the residential system?

    When I was childhood I almost spent all my school days in the residential system where we have a homesick holidays after the first month of the school. The duration of those holidays is for a week after coming from home to again hostel the first few days I want to go home. I will always feel jealous of day scholars because they can see their parents and spent a quality time with their parents, enjoy Television and eat home food. Do you get homesick when you are in the residential system? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    I am away from my home and parents only for two years during my PG study only. I was with my parents during my primary, secondary and intermediate education and I was with my grandparents during my graduation. Again during my PhD, I stayed with my aunt, brothers and sisters. So I have the experience of hostel for a limited period only that to at the age of 20 years. So I never felt homesick during those days. Every two months we used to get some or other vacations and I was going to my place during those days. So even this two years also I never felt that I am away from my house. I used to visit my relatives in that where I was doing my PG during Sundays and spending time with them.
    Another point I want to mention is my both sons have completed their studies by staying with me only.

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    Though I have not been in hostel while studying , I can understand the lives of hostellers who hail from good family of bonding and they have to suddenly stay put alone for the sake of studies and their concentration and thoughts were always in their home and the home members. I have seen many parents coming to the hostel with the chicest dishes and things for the child during evening hours and as soon as they leave the child gets emotionally disturbed. Nevertheless the day scholars are really gifted as they have education and attention of the family on them and thus their concentration of studies is very good.
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    It's quite natural that for the initial few times we take time to get fully acquainted to the changing circumstances & in between the new things looks odd. But this is also a fact that as the time goes on we are left with the golden moments of our lives which would certainly bring us a smile in the future if remind of the past. So it's just a human nature so no big issue.

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