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Winner of Topic based TOW contest for the week 27th May - 2nd June'18 on topic - 'Home'
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    A home for new generation

    A place to live, a place to express,
    A place to be exactly what you are!

    Home is an address of all happiness,
    A place to gather with the loved ones staying so far.

    A home doesn't have any fixed dimension,
    But helps to nurture the tree of love like a yard.

    Grandparents are the base of family and the pillar of home,
    They are the support for us and say, "Take it easy yaar".

    Nowadays the definition of home has changed a lot,
    and grandparents are in connection only through video calls.

    Parents are in a race to acquire good heights,
    So they leave their home and move out far.

    Technically it is the joint family which has advanced to Nuclear,
    But the kids are left to suffer in this war.

    We need to look back again what our childhood was,
    And should try to provide it to kids by trying hard.

    This is my entry for the topic based TOW contest- Topic based monthly TOW contest for May'18 on the topic - 'Home'
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    The importance of combined family has been brought out by the author in a nice way. Always human touch we will get only when we are in face to face contact. Talking over Videos or chatting will never bring that feeling. Even small kids can't recognise the people on Video calls.
    I am very lucky that I stayed with my grandparents and parents during my childhood. My children have also stayed with parents and grandparents. Now I am again lucky that my granddaughter and my two son's families are staying with me.
    It is very refreshing to spend time with grandchildren to the grandparents. My granddaughter has gone for her other grandfather's house for a week. I am feeling bored with her absence.

    always confident

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    Beautiful narration depicting the different shades of life & in different times.

    To the very fact that home remains the basis for all & in throughout our lives. Our journey starts from here & we do every possible efforts to maintain the dignity & keep on trying to improve the circumstances to a better one. We used to have the nuclear family but the trend has been shifted to being stay in separate home. In a steady pace but the desires has now occupying most of our spaces & in order to fulfil this we continue to strive for more & this is keeping us busy to enjoy the relations. We are so busy that being nearest to each other but still too far to share the experiences.

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    Beautiful poetic presentation highlighting the importance of a joint family. It is true that home is a place of happiness and enjoyment and it will not be felt like a home if the near and dear are not there.

    So due to the toll of modern life people are not understanding the importance of seniors in the house but they are definitely being deprived of the pleasures and happiness which a home provides.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Congrats to the author for coming up with poetic expression on the tow topic and as per my experience, this thread would sure to win the award.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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