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    How can we get over feelings of being lost, even if temporarily?

    Life is full of joys, sorrows, and what have you. A person can be very happy at some 8AM after hearing a very good news about his merit payment, but the same person might be sad at around 4 PM, after hearing about the loss of his dear friend, or about the hospitalization and serious condition of a near relative.

    Sometimes, the grief in unbearable, more so, if the person had been a very good person, if we have had great many experiences together and so on. We feel totally lost, at least for a few days, like say, even fifteen days at a stretch.

    How do we cope with such losses, and the feeling of being empty? We suddenly realize that life is so short, that life is just this much, and there is nothing in life to work for.

    A few days later, when we begin to face all the nuances of this rat race, about which all of us can do nothing about, we are back to square one. Our thoughts go behind immediate tasks, and we have do many things. We get angry, throw up temper tantrums, feel frustrated about something that had happened in office and then would ventilate all that at home, at our wives ( who else?)

    This becomes a dangerous thing to do, as they have their own emotions, feelings and moments of stress. The fact is that our subconscious mind is still rooted in the thoughts --- the memories of all the good times that we had with the persons who are now no more.

    Members may share their own experiences of how they were able to cope with such tense situations in life.
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    In our daily life we come across mixed feelings of good and sad moments. We are happy in the morning, we are down in the afternoon and totally shocked in the late evening. What I feel that we are so habituated over the repeated happenings of sad things, we wont get bowed down that easily. Though it is not a personal loss, some times a death news of young persons do bother us and shock would remain for some days. Again some good moments of child birth, marriage , functions are also short lived. We have to give space for good and bad things to happen and get going in our life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We are actually bundle of emotions and to control each emotions is not in our hands until and unless we are really really mature. We do learn about our emotions with age and many times small happenings do not bother us, we remain neutral in those moments.
    To go through the days without being affected by any emotions is possible only if you are concious enough that you cannot control the entire surroundings and whatever is happening but yourself. Good things and bad things will happen but even good and bad has different meaning for different people. E.g. A rich person loses his diamond ring, which is bad for him but the ring is found by someone who is in real need of money and finding the ring by chance is like striking a lottery, so the same is good for him. So one event always has two facets and we need to understand that whatever is happening is for a reason.
    If something bad is happening and one can do something to change the same then one must do the same or if it is beyond his control then one must surrender to the will of God and let it go.

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    It is a very natural that we will have different feelings in a day from time to time based on the news we hear. When we get a good news we will be happy and we will feel amazed and we will celebrate if the news is very good and unexpected. After sometime if we get any information which is not very good and may give you some unpleasantness, then you will feel dejected. Many times it happens. But all these are momentary and time-bound. Time is a tool which will make us forget everything in a span of time. When some very close friend or relative expired when we see his dead body we will feel that the life is very temporary and what we gain or lose during our living may not be with us once we die. We will lost in these thoughts and we feel like retiring from our life. But the moment we are back into our world our routine will start and life will continue. One somebody shouts at us we feel that we are defeated but this feeling will be for a moment. Immediately we will go to our normal way and start working. This is the beauty of life. Forgetting is a boon which is making us live happily. Indians are very good at forgetting and forgiving.
    always confident

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