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    College admissions' cut-offs: the pressure of percentage

    Once the Class 10 results are declared, then begins the admission process to apply to colleges for further studies. During my time, it was not tough. I simply went to a college where I wished to study, bought an application form, filled it up with my choice of subjects, met the Vice-Principal, got the admission approved and paid the fee.

    Today the scenario is vastly different. This is not just merely in terms of doing away with queues for admission and registering online first. The major hurdle is leaping over what is called cut-off. That is the percentage below which the college will not admit students. This generates really huge pressure on students right from the time they start preparing for their Class 10 Board exams. They are aware that colleges expect so-and-so minimum percentage for their courses, with the percentage varying for each type of stream and course. If you do not meet this cut-off criterion, perhaps you will be on a waiting list & perhaps you will get featured on the second or third & final merit list for admission. Perhaps. No guarantees.

    Same applies to Class 12 post-results. You may want to take up a course in another degree college than the one in which you studied up to Class 12. Again, seat availability and cut-offs will apply.

    Why do we have this cut-off system? Year after year thousands of seats actually remain vacant in colleges across the country. Why, then, have a cut-off at all? Is it just to maintain the prestige of the college to have highly meritorious students alone? Forget the pride we took in getting "First Class" with 60%. Today even 90% is not good enough due to cut-offs!!
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    "Donation", often play the major role here. The more donations that you are capable of, the more chances you have for getting the admission.

    But beyond this, there is a competition & we can't blame the institution for this.

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    Well when many bright students want to pursue a particular course, the rush for the same in every college happens and avoid such kind of situation cut off marks are made to check unending demand for that. Those who got marks between 95 to 99 are considered for admissions and others have to wait for the further vacancies in case the original allotted seats are not filled in. Alternatively students have to chose other streams than the routine one and then apply for admission. Even for normal degree course has been made online and thus creamy candidates are getting prime colleges.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I feel it is a mad rush to a particular college which is making a lot of advertisement about their results and the ranks of the students who studied with them. By seeing these advertisements both parents and students are running after some colleges only. As pointed out by the author many seats are left unfilled in many colleges and nobody like to join in those colleges. And another belief od the parents and students are that the colleges who are not asking for any cut-off are inferior and they will not teach properly. But for a person who is hardworking and concentrates on the studies may do well in any college. But many people may laugh at me if I say like that.
    My both sons joined in B.Tech in the colleges where they got seats based on their rank without thinking about the history of the college. But by the end of their B.Tech both of them got jobs in good MNCs in campus interviews. I believe in the hard work of the individual and the concentration is more important than the other aspects.

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