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    Why we always need facts to argue our points of view

    It is very easy for any of us to get into arguments over anything. However, we need to get all the facts ready, before we even start arguing about anything, at any point in time.

    Whether it is the presumed bad behavior of our child, based on some feedback from one teacher,or a information received from the Corporate Office, without any official communication, we should always wait for the confirmed news, with all facts. For facts, are always expressed through circulars, or inter-office communications and so on. We need to be ever vigilant and not talk through our hat.

    In the offices, if we depend on hearsay, or unconfirmed news, that is always dangerous. Similarly, even in our houses, we need to find out the actual truth.

    Many mothers, for example, only believe their children, and pick up quarrels with some other child's parents, without verifying facts. For, the story may have another side too. This has to be verified. It we do not check this, we can get into serious trouble.

    Such examples abound. We should always do our best to minimize the damage of any such situation, where we had acted without verifying facts.

    And we should change our attitude to always seek the truth, the bare facts, at all times.
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    When we receive any information unofficially regarding our work at the office or some domestic issues. But before we take it granted we should try to check the correctness of the information and we should take the information as a lead to plan our course of action. instead of that if we unnecessarily we start arguing on the basis of some grapevine news, we will get fooled. Even the person who gave you the unofficial information also deny that he has told you if you ask him. So one should take care of the authenticity of the news. But we will be getting benefitted if we properly use the information and try to find out the accuracy of the information. Sometimes this information will help you indirectly.
    I agree with the author that without knowing the facts and figures we should not pick up an argument with anybody. If we do such things in a haste we have to finally cut a sorry figure before the others. A wise man will explore the facts basing on the leads he got.

    always confident

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    For that matters even courts are not accepting the cases without facts and having some sort of doubts and thus the cases are admitted. The proof or the facts has to be there for a concrete dialogue and even allegations. Some people know the facts out of their past experience, some come across the proof in the recent past. Nevertheless one should not undermine when some one says something. No one is interested to give false news or false facts. What they want to say is the real happening and probably they could not say it in right way and for that matter we should not undermine and reject the information.
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