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    End of a five year term assignment.

    Next weekend I am to bid farewell to an assignment which I took up in June 2013. I was elected without opposition to the post of the President of a Service Cooperative Bank. It was really a tough time for me since I was not having any knowledge about the working of a cooperative bank. I was to head a 12 member director board, elected for the management of the Bank for period of five years.
    I had one Secretary who was experienced in the cooperative set up. Hence with Secretary' s help I went ahead.
    I first thought of starting new branch to the Bank in a place where no other banks were functioning. There were some objections from another co-op bank working some three km away. With legal support we went ahead and started the Branch. My next move was to start a Medical Laboratory where most of the tests can be done in reduced rates. Getting an appropriate location was the difficult part of it. After a long search we could get a good building .The area was a residential one. The lab was started there in a rented building after making necessary modifications. Now after the same started working patients are regularly coming there since we are oferring about 40 to 60 percentage less charge, without compromising the quality of tests.
    During the first year itself I started fitting A/C within bank head office, which helped improving the efficiency of the office staff. Slowly the Branches also were made air conditioned. Next was another step to improve the assets of the Bank. This Board could add A little more than 30 cents of landed area with one five bed room house and other facilities, worth crores of rupees.
    Our deposit amount rose from Rs.70 crore to Rs. 174 crore during the five years. There was a great jump in the loan amount also. Many other services are extended to the common man through this bank. A cooperative store providing all provisions and a Medical store, both serving goods in reduced rates. Loan is given up to Rs. 25 lakh conditionally.
    Now after completing the term of five years my team is leaving with satisfaction.
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    Wow that was a very good performance under your leadership and the small bank has progressed with bigger deposits and now stands as the center of attraction for the other cooperative bank to envy. Always banking transactions are made with the manager at the helm of affairs being cordial and get the things done calling the staff to the cabin without asking the customer to wait at the counter. My banker also gives me respect and everything is done sitting at his cabin. So you are a successful banker now and cherish this great moment and write articles on this for your knowledge.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Oh! Great is your service to the public through the bank as the President of service cooperative bank. I have no words to appreciate your activities undertaken by you during your five year tenure. You will be remembered forever. Hats off to you and your team, TMS Sir.
    No life without Sun

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    It is wonderful Sir, that you have made such a great impact. By definition, and by the nature of their services, the Indian co-operative banks have a great role to play in terms of societal development. It is great that you had come out with this idea of a cooperative store for provisions and the Medical store as well.

    Sir, even if you have just completed the task, kindly take up this, if you do not mistake me. Please do start a small cooperative, where you can deal with all organic food products and vegetables and honey, and organic fertilizers too. Am told there is a huge interest in some parts of Kerala for what we call in Tamil the "kuthiraivali arisi", a particular type of rice that has huge medicinal properties. There is a huge list of such items, which include names such as samai, thinai and so on. I really do not know the English words for these, but each of these has huge medicinal properties and is reportedly used in Auyurveda medicines and Kerala is already famous for Auyurveda.

    Kindly get his done, as it will have a huge impact on human health as well.

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    It is very nice you have started a new assignment and completed the task with very good planning and done the best. I am delighted to see such planning and executing the planned work. Congratulations to you for your achievements. I hope you will further take such challenging assignments and complete them successfully in the coming years. Satisfaction is very important for an individual and now you are retiring with a satisfaction it is very good for you and you will do much better works in the future. All the best to you.
    always confident

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    The 2.5 times increase in bank deposit in five years and other measures as mentioned by the author prove the efficiency of the staff of the co-operative bank under the brilliant and visionary leadership of the author. I sincerely hope that the bank goes on improving its performance every year and the author takes charge of some other organization to strengthen it to enable the organization to serve the common man of Kerala.
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    Great job Sankaran sir! It is no surprise that you are bidding farewell with utmost satisfaction. That is what actually counts. I am sure that your contributions to the sector will be remembered and recognized. Who knows, you may be re-elected/ nominated again to continue with your exemplary performance. All the best!
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    I find myself nowhere in context to the experience & knowledge & so I am always looking after the persons like you. I really appreciate your efforts & new ideas being brought during this tenure to the organization. I would also want you to put more such instances wherein the others may also get the inspiration & understanding about the life & challenges including the best possible ways of doing in a more efficient way.

    Thanks for putting up with the ideas & wishing you best of luck for your new projects being in the pipeline.

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    It is really very motivating to note that even with no experience in that field you have taken this challenging task as the President of a Cooperative Bank.

    This shows the tremendous amount of confidence and desire in you to learn new things and I think, that is the biggest thing a person can possess.

    There are people in this world who take any new job with challenge and interest and sometimes perform better than the professionals in that trait. It is amazing and remarkable.

    We feel proud that we have capable and efficient people like you as members in this forum and you are definitely a source of great motivation to all of us.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A standing ovation and deep respect for your work, Sir! It will be an honour to meet you if destiny so wishes.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Thanks Vandana. Reactions like this from people like you make me more energetic and encourage me to work more.


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    Congratulations sir, you had mentioned about your role indirectly when I had replied about a co-operative bank.
    I wish that your leadership and the achievement are motivating to other banks and branches.
    I request you to pen down an article about trails and tribulations of running a co-operative bank. it would be valuable to any honest, service-minded individual like yourself who wants to do something good.

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    I find all the responses to my thread are encouraging and inspiring. I thank everyone for these kind words. Let me see whether I can pen down all my experiences in running this Co-operative Service Bank as suggested by Mr. Natarajan. Of course, I have had positive and negative experiences during the last five years. Some how I could make the best out of all these. Thanks to all once again.

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    I wish you 'another baalyam or kaumaram' with good health, activity and fun.

    You can have satisfaction in having done what you have done.
    As is the tradition is Kerala for last many decades, posts like the one you held are mostly politically coloured.
    I presume that you had a solid support of some political party. That can lead you to some other responsibilities like elected or appointed post of influence and power. If you are interested and still i the good books of the political party, you may be taking over a new responsibility soon.

    As Vandana said, it is an honour to meet you if destiny so wishes. The irony is that I had to pass by your place many times and even about a week back.

    You had, sometime earlier, asked for suggestions on building a house in your village. What is the status?
    All the best to you.

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    Thanks Mr. Venkiteswaran. If you happen to pass through this way and if time allows, don't hesitate to contact me. Similarly, Vandana is also welcome.
    As you mentioned in your post, I have good connection with a political set up, but I am not a member of any Party. I do not like to be controlled by any organization. I work independently. At present I am the Secretary of large library here. I could change the whole set up there. Old library is now completely changed. The reference section is made A/C. Number of books in stock has crossed 40,000. Twelve news papers and about forty weeklies and magazines are subscribed. An e- reading unit has also been started. Attached to the library an Art section is also functioning. In which coaching in dance, music, instrumental music, drawing and painting, etc. are given About 600 students make use of this.
    I am thankful to each of you in ISC who have encouraged me through their comments as a reply to my thread.


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    Congratulations to you sir on successful completion of the term in your role. You are an inspiration to many and I am confident that the younger lot of the ISC members would take you as a role model. Wish you many more successes in your future activities.

    Hoping to meet the legendary members like you and Venkiteswaran sir and our own WM too , if my proposed visit to Kerala works out at the end of this year.


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