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    How about having a "Mens Rights Commission " on the basis of Womens rights commission ?

    The Chairperson of the Women's Rights Commission in AP, Nannappaneni Rajkumari, has created a stir by stating that atrocities by women against men have also increased and unfortunately since the law is not supporting the men, they have to undergo the punishments in silence. I think she made a right suggestion. Many women are taking the law to their advantage being more cordial to them and are creating situations overboard and even going headstrong by warning their husbands/ friends/ acquaintances of dire consequences and punishments. So I call upon the members to discuss the issue in detail with the required seriousness.
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    Because of the drastically changed circumstances where some women take unethical advantages of some women-friendly acts like Domestic Violence Act, I strongly support Mens Right Commission. Afterall, men are also human beings.
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    It all possibly depends on the number of instances where the men are at the receiving end. By and large, the women have been subject to many insults and abuses for such a long time.

    Yes, there are some increasing instances in homes and even in some public places, and offices, where women are taking the law into their own hands and are demanding that men should be taught a lesson or two, for whatever reason. In many cases, they do over-react.

    Yet, to get all these instances into something so solid as a Mens Right Commission, at least in the near future, is unlikely to happen.

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    Partha rightly said. Men out number women in population and our rights should also be respected and guided.
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    These days on Telugu news channels the debate is going on on this subject. Recently in Telugu states, some incidents were reported where a male candidate suffered due to female candidates. A recently married girl while travelling with his husband on a bike tried to kill her husband using a knife and cut around the neck. This is due to some love affair. Like this, some 3 or 4 incidents happened.
    It is true that the times are changing. Women are also getting criminal brained like men. Many of the speakers in these debates felt that the main culprits for this change in the behaviour of ladies are the TV serials. This only prompted me to write a thread on TV serials censoring.
    However, the numbers are very less compared to the violent actions of men on women. But a person who is not a culprit he should not get punished in the guise of women protection law. This is the reason behing this proposal. I think still there is time for this.

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    It's a general perception that the woman is supposed to be the weaker in comparison to their male counterparts. This has been established & is being practiced throughout arises with the need for "Men's Rights Commission". Often the case filled come out declaring man as the victim. It's a very sarcastic to its very nature that when man is found guilty then this becomes a big news but on the contrary if the woman is found to be the culprit then this doesn't get the attention.

    The author has a right perspective to his submission & has come out with his basis very logically that whenever there is found to be injustice than it would be the common phenomenon to blame the man & at the same time the woman will always found to be innocent. No doubt but woman has always got the maximum favor in terms of benefit of doubt.

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