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    Do you chew the food before swallowing it?

    As in my childhood days, my parents always advised me to chew the food before swallowing(to pass down the throat) to make it digestible in the stomach do you chew the food more before you swallow it. Is it a good idea to chew the food before swallowing it? Which Animals chew food more times before swallowing it? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    No body can swallow food without chewing. Actually the very purpose of teeth is to chew food items. This chewing is the first step of digestion process of food intake. Through this process it get mixed up with the saliva and thereby the food item become more watery and go into the stomach easily. Digestion of liquefied items are easy than solidified ones.
    In Ayurveda it is suggested that such and such food items are to be chewed so many times - 32 times or 16 times etc. All the medical systems insist proper chewing before taking in . No system allow swallowing unless it is liquefied or powdered.


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    I think it is cow. When I keep chewing my food without swallowing, my mom used to scold me, "why are you keep chewing like a cow?". My mother scolds me, not because I chew and eat, but I used to so, by watching TV.

    True that chewing food before swallowing is good for digestion. Because it takes more saliva with it to the intestine. There is a video in Youtube, "Drink your food and chew your water" by Actor Madhavan. It is in English only. So, people whoever watches it, will get to know how to intake the food and why it is important to have food in such a way.

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    For a better and easy digestion, one should chew the food very well and then swallow it. It is the good habit. The more you chew the food the easier it will digest. But many people while eating food will not chew the food completely and they swallow it half chewed to complete eating quickly. This will give much strain to your digestive system. It has to do more work for digesting the food which is not chewed properly. So it is always advisable to give sufficient time to eat food chew it properly and then swallow it. It is definitely a very good idea to chew better and eat.
    There are some animals which eat fast and later on they bring them back to the mouth and chew them sufficiently and then again swallow. It's called regurgitating. This facility is given to some animals but not to human beings.
    That is why many times we see these cows chewing always something in the mouth. The food swallowed will be sent back to the mouth by the digestive system slowly in portions like a controlled vomiting. This will be chewed by the cow further and then swallow the food.

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    So far & in the above two submissions, I read the fantastic quotes like from Sri Srimathi, "Drink your food and chew your water". I would agree that more chewing will lead to more generation of saliva & this will help in digestion in a proper way. I also agree Mr. T.M.Sankaran, that we need to chew as many times as we got the numbers of teeth in our mouth. The sentence, ""why are you keep chewing like a cow?", would be quite irritating for others who do this often.

    If not chewed properly then the same would lead to indigestion or stomach pain. Adding in to the author's query, the cow & buffalo & may be the camel which can often be seen with continuous chewing.

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