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    Why should we look up to the skies every time?

    There is a huge dispute over water sharing between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. There is also such disputes between Karnataka and Maharashtra, and even between countries. Every single individual on either side of the fence, shouts from roof tops, almost as if there is no tomorrow without water.

    However, the vital question is: is that really the case? Are we not starring at man made disasters, when we can go for more effective water management efforts, stop producing more than what is needed in certain regions and so on. This might require collection of huge amount of data, and deep analysis of food patterns to understand the realities.

    Be that as it may, is it not dangerous to always look up to the skies? Why not take up the help of new technologies and go for re-use of water, particularly for industrial and garden purposes? Why should we allow, rather recklessly, the number of new water purification plants, and get what is supposedly called, "mineral water?". Even the Railways are into it, but for a specific reason. But why we allow so much of misuse of groundwater?

    Why should we not stop the MNC companies from over-exploitation of ground water resources? There are superb examples of Indian companies that have really contributed to social development, including conservation of water resources. Look at how ITC has entered into the filed of contract farming, and its co-creation methods with thousands of Indian farmers? Why not go all out of the way to encourage such initiatives? The e-choupal experiment of ITC, of transforming the lives of millions of farmers through advanced technology, is another example, of how a company can impact the wider society.

    Why not go for such help to go all out for water conservation methods, through the use of the most advanced information technology methods and the actual technological innovations?

    Whatever rainfall a particular region receives, is not being saved at all. There is a huge wastage, and worse, most of it goes to the sea. How can we reverse these things? Members may please describe real world experiences, where some good work is already being done.
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    These days availability of water is becoming very difficult and that to drinking water and soft water availability is very hard. Everyone started purchasing mineral water. But as suggested by the author nobody is giving a thought to the recycling of the water.
    In all our houses we have RO plants to have good drinking water. In these plants, the wastewater generated will be more than the water used for drinking. We all waste this water. Instead of that if we have a plan of collecting that water and start using for vessel washing, floor washing and cloth washing, it will give a very good saving of water. Everyone should think and try to implement the same.
    All the industries must have good water treatment plans and recycle plans. Then there will be a very good saving of water and future generations need not worry about the availability of water.

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    We need not look up the skies but look at the ground. What is essentially required is the storage tanks of huge capacity. It is possible to have storage tanks in villages where enough space is available. The rain water can be stored to sustain for a year or until the next monsoon. We need to dig the ground deeply and construct vast size storage tanks with heavy concrete walls. For metropolitan cities, the water can be brought from the storage tanks constructed at far away places. The minimum size of the storage tank should be 1 km x 1 km x 50m. The storage tank should be connected through pipe lanes to the nearest river.

    We have enough empty space to have storage tanks. This idea should work better to overcome water problems.

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    The water shortage in India has been increasing year after year, thanks to over usage and increase in population. But the best answer to tide out the problem is to emulate the example of Telangana government. To desilt all the lakes and make them longer and wider and also deeper so that the rain water get accumulated and the future water crisis can be met. Most of the lakes in Telangana are being developed on the above lines and now when the rains start, the water wont be wasted and it gets accumulated in the lake. So we wont have water problems in future and other states must take cue from Telangana.
    K Mohan
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