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    What Is "Secret PIN" in getting the payment?

    I have received one notification of payment from the ISC. And in order to get the payment, I am required to provide the information in a particular format. In this, I also have to list the "Secret PIN", I am not aware of this.

    Requesting to please clarify on this.
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    Ved Prakash Anand,

    Once you log in, go to this page:

    This is accessible via your Dashboard >> Manage Account (which appears under 'Manage Profile' heading >> Manage Payment & Revenue settings (the fifth link from the bottom in the list on the manage account page).

    On the Edit Payment Pin page you will see a box to enter a PIN. It will be known only to you and the Webmasters and is required as a security measure for payments.

    Note further:
    1. Those who have an AdSense account & are earning AdSense through their ISC contributions can see at that page their revenue share period.

    2. In case you wish to get a payment only when it reaches a high level, you can set that as well on the same page.

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    A secret pin is a number you create in your profile to use it for your payment claim.
    Please note that this PIN is nothing to do with any other payments except your payment from ISC and not even for your AdSense earnings.
    When you send an Invoice, this PIN must be specified in the Invoice and ISC will send you the payment only if the PIN specified in the Invoice matches with what you specified in your profile.
    Go to Your Dashboard.
    Click on manage Payments & Revenue settings.
    A new page will open with an empty box asking you to create your PIn. You can type the number you like and it will get saved. This will become your secret PIN and you have to use it whenever you raise an invoice.
    I Think I am able to explain you clearly. Go ahead.

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    Ved Prakash, please confirm if your doubt has been cleared so that we can close this thread.
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    And once you create a four digit pin, it will stand permanently and that need to be used once only by raising invoice for payments. Because for every other payments monthly, you need to fill only relevant fields.
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    Clarified. Thanks a lot.

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