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    Which month has maximum births...

    There are twelve months. Every month the process of birth takes place. But has anybody tried to take the statistics of birth with respect to months. What I feel is that there will be a relation to the season. It is likely that ten months after the cold season births might be more. Naturally, this will vary from place to place and country to country.
    Here in my place we have a 'Senior citizens forum' in which more than thousand are members. A directory has been brought out with short biodata of every member. Birth days of every member is included in it. The office bearers of the forum would visit the houses of the respective person's houses on the day and wish him or her. Also they will invite the concerned person to attend a general party with a small get together on the first Sunday of the next month.
    I just took Statistics of dates of births from this directory and found that May is the month with maximum birth dates. This need not be a correct picture. This relates to only those who are above 60 years. During those days no systematic recording of dates of birth was there. Only at the time of joining school, the date is recorded That would be done by the Head Master of the school. They enter it as May!
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    I think in India, maximum child-birth takes place during December (31 days) and in January (31 days). Long back, I studied somewhere that in hot countries like India, maximum child-birth takes place in winter and in cold countries like England, maximum child-birth takes place in summer (May-31 days). I don't know whether this statement is statistically correct, or not.
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    You are right. My simple calculation. The Tamil month Vaikasi in Tamil (Rishabham in Malayalam) falls in the month of May. The Tamil month Aadi (Kadakam) is the month that is exempted from the marriages, and no newly married couples are permitted to unite during the month of Aadi. The bride will be sent to her own home for 30 days. It is a bitter month for the newly married in Chithirai or Vaikasi. So, Aavani(Simmam) is the month when most of the marriages take place. If we just count ten months from Aavani(Simmam, we land into Vaikasi(Rishabam) which is May. Therefore, most of the births takes place in the month of May.
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    There was a discussion in our friend's circle some time back and we have taken the list of all our friend circles family members and noted the date of births and analysed the same. What we have observed is about 80% of the births took place during December, January and February of the year. Se we felt that the births will be on the higher side during these three months. The majority of the members we have listed are in the age group of 30 years to 5o years as of now. It may not be correct to all the places it may vary from place to place. The group what we have studied is from the Telugu States.
    As mentioned by the author olden days the dates were not mentioned so accurately and when the went to the schools for admission the HM may be deciding the DOB. As the admission process will be in the months of May and June they might have tended to put the dates in the may month.

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