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    Let's encourage Whistle blowers?

    As far an Indian work culture is concerned, traditionally, the lower an employee is on the ladder, the lesser he/she will raise the voice against wrong doings. Wrong doings would include conduct, accounts, skimming of funds, inappropriate use of funds and corruption.

    When we look at the scams in the banking sector and the public offices such mega frauds cannot happen without ringing alarm bells in some people over a period of time.

    Even some of us would have noticed irregularities at place of work that would look odd and needs to be looked into. But we would not have the courage to raise our voice and concern for fear of being reprimanded by the senior officers or employees. We would also fear the impact of becoming labelled as a whistle blower on the present jobs, promotion and future jobs.

    Any office or firm however big or small would frown about people who stand up the mistakes and wrong doings in the system. If, people are made feel safe, recognize reporting such errors or breach of protocol and applauded instead of being troubled, I think we can bring in a change because errant officers and higher ups will be wary of their own junior staff while thinking of committing such scams and frauds.
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    I do agree that some of us want to expose the irregularities and corruption in high areas but wont report to them for the fear of being attacked after wards. We have to encourage those who try to bring in the truth to the fore and name the wrong doers.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I appreciate the author for coming up with such thread. Being practical this got with the big social concern too. But what if everyone remains the same on their conduct?

    There is a school of girls to the nearby location from where I live. During morning walk, whenever I pass through the school which is just beside the main road, having partition with the stopper in between. Although, it's a routine business for the students to choose the wrong direction in order to save time. In addition, the parents of the students also choose the wrong side to drop their children. Seeing all this I hoped that this needed to conveyed to the teacher & the principle but they too were found to be coming from the wrong side.

    I couldn't believe but it's a fact & so in such case whom to contact. There is also found to be the police station in the nearby location being evident of all these.

    The fact of the matter is that we have forgotten our culture of even respecting ourselves. There are students, less than eighteen years of age but still driving the two wheelers for reaching schools. No control from any end. It's pinching me all the time about how the time is coming.

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    It is true and in almost all organisations there will be some whistleblowers. They will try to warn the people in higher positions about the unwanted happenings in the Organisations. But if the top people they themselves are encouraging such acts, they may pay deaf ear to the whistleblower. At the same time, he will caution his aids in the down level. They will try o victimise the whistleblower. With a fear of all these happenings, many people withdraw themselves from such atmosphere.
    The whole problems are because the top people who are supposed to safeguard the interest of the Organisation will also become a hand in the glove with these errant people and the people who are really wanted to serve the Organisation loyally will have to cut a sorry figure before these people. Unless otherwise, this culture is changing there is no use of whistleblowers sounding the whistle.

    always confident

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