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    The Solution Is To Throw Away The Stocks Of Vegetables & Milk For Getting The Attention!

    While watching the news yesterday, the main focus was on the farmers who have called a 10-day strike starting 01.06.2018, in Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala. The farmers, under the banner of the Rashtriya Kisan Maha Sangh, are protesting to demand loan waivers and implementation of the MS Swaminathan Committee recommendations. This also involves fixing of the minimum value for their commodities including Milk.

    My query is how we justify the dumping of vegetables on the streets in protest in order for getting the attention from the Central or State government, which is likely to affect the supply of milk, fruits and vegetables in cities and towns. These shortages will lead to the increase in the prices of the vegetables & other commodities as the stock are not allowed to enter into the respective areas. The farmer's association is justifying the act saying they are into losses. As per them the input cost is higher than the prices offered to them & so pressuring the scene.

    During the captured news we also evident of the fact that few of the individuals were collecting the commodities for the dumped stock thrown out onto the streets I am wondering whether this dumping of vegetables on the streets are favoring the circumstances wherein the big part of the population still don't have access to the eatables or just this is again a part of the politics.
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    This has become a common practice to through the vegetables when they feel the prices are low and to be increased. Last year when the tomato crop is very high the rate is very low in some states the farmers thrown their vegetable on to the road. Again now this is happening. Protesting for a higher rate is different. But why to waste the material which is obtained by taking so many difficulties in cropping up. I think this attitude is not at all correct. They can fight for higher prices and they can say that we will not supply for lesser rates as they are losing. Here the difficulties of these people are very correct. They are getting a very lee price but in the market, they go at a very high price. The middlemen are getting benefitted. The farmers should form cooperative societies and they have to sell all their yields through these societies directly to the consumer. In such process, they may get a better advantage. The government should think of some positive changes to see that the growers will get benefitted.
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    It is a good idea of spreading the vegetables and throwing the milk on the road. Otherwise the vegetables will become rotten and stink in their home or backyard . I support the way they do it to show their disgruntlement against the government for not providing the due cash for their products.
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    This is expected in the USA. This type of wastage is expected in Canada. But this wastage of vegetables and milk is a crime in India. For the last sixty years, successive Governments did not make any long-term plan for storage of agricultural products. As a result, the farmers have to sell the agricultural products to the dishonest middlemen at a very low price (much lower than the minimum support price fixed by the Government).

    Without addressing the issue, some self-centred political parties and corrupt leaders are encouraging the farmers to waste the agricultural products and milk. This destructive movement can't bring any positive change in the condition of Indian farmers.

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