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    Management lessons from Mr Cool

    Mr MS Dhoni, the superstar of the hugely successful IPL franchise called Chennai Super Kings, is not an ordinary Captain. CSK owes it to him. CSK is indepted to him.

    The nation called India can also learn so much from him. There are so many leadership lessons that we need to learn from him.

    Maintaining the team atmosphere

    Dhoni is repeatedly on record as saying that the process and the learning is more important. His magical process of empowering his team members can be observed in every move. Kill the opposition with smart moves. Exploit all their weaknesses. This is a lesson we often learn in Management. Cavinkare just exploited the weakness of Unilever in their own game. Lesser overheads but smarter and high decibel advertising. Go for the kill.

    The way Dhoni got the great Virat Kohli out through Jadeja s guile and the tactics used to deal with Rashid khan in the final can never be missed for such lessons.

    Get tougher when the going is touch

    Who would have imagined that Deepak Chahar can hit huge sixes and the lightning fours? Or shardul Thakur?

    The atmosphere in the dugout is important, but trusting subordinates and building a team is a process. This is exactly what Dhoni did.

    The Contingency plans

    The one team with maximum 30 plus guys is the Champion. No Ashwin. But there is Karan. And his ability to fox the SRH captain in the final. This is what we call contingency planning in Management. We got to see it on the field. How Devilliers the giant was stumped in a crucial match is another example.

    Join all the dots

    This is one important lesson in Management. The leader needs a huge ability to join all the dots that are hugely heterogeneous. The players, the pitch condition and the opposition. Yes CSK lost to Kings XI by just four runs. But came back strongly when Dhoni joined all the dots. Mahindra and Mahindra lead by Anand Mahindra explored the SUV market, started exploring the dots and when it was clear that an indegeneous vehicle can work wonders, spent 600 crores. Yes, the big gamble paid off when Scorpio became a roaring success.

    Dhoni's smart moves in all the final matches, like trusting the old horse called Du plussie paid rich dividends.

    These are some lessons we can easily learn from Dhoni, the great leader of the "process". This process is as good as a Management process,with all the associated learning. Even after he retires, Dhoni will stay with CSK as advisor. His "process" will continue.
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    An excellent thread by the author explaining the points which can be learnt from Dhoni. The best lesson we can learn from him is empowerment. For a successful Organisation, empowerment is very important. If you ask a person to perform under stress and if you ask him to think like you it is not possible. But if we leave the person to use his own thinking process and decide as suits with an end goal will do miracles. As a captain, he will never dictate his bowlers the way they have to bowl. But he says I want from you the result and decides how you do it. At the same time, he never runs away from his responsibility. If his team wins he says it is a team effort. If he it a loss sometimes he will own the responsibility or sometimes to the reasons beyond their control. That is the reason why people like to play under him.
    Another great factor I appreciate is the coolness he maintains. He never shows undue tension and anxiety in the field or when batting. This mentality will make the other players perform well.
    A manager should learn such many lessons from him in management.

    always confident

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