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    What's Your Pick Of The Day!

    During our routine lives we come across many things which is being manipulated in somewhat different way. The people are using the stickers on their vehicles which makes us laugh or using the appliances meant for something else, which in a typical way referred as "Jugaad".

    Do you have something in your camera which we haven't shared with anyone else? If "yes", than come up share with us.

    Let's see how differently we are arranging the things in our life.
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    In continuation, pl. find attached my pick of the day.

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    I have no such photos on my camera to share. But many times we observe such things which sometimes appear funny. Yesterday I visited my relative's house. There I have seen an idol of Lord Vinayaka with a turbine on his head. The idol is having two teeth instead of one. Actually, we call Vinayaka as Ekadanta which means only one tooth. But in that particular idol, he is having two teeth.
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    My pick of the day is a big Pig. The black pig entered my gate and played havoc behind my newly constructed village house. It drank away all the drinks that was kept for the cattle of my neighbour.
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    My pick is the traffic police booking two-wheeler riders for not wearing the helmets. None of the police constables and the Sub-Inspector are not having helmets. They allow the overloaded auto-rickshaws to pass through. but book the two-wheeler riders.
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    Haha I saw this pic on my Facebook feed one day. This classified as a Jugaad, for how greatly the stones were used as a support.
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