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    Negative traits of positive people

    After a fairly long research, I have found out the following negative traits of people with positive outlook. I am mentioning these traits.

    (a) Friendliness: The positive people are very friendly towards others. But this causes a problem with some other people, who don't want to be friendly. Such people feel embarrassed by this activity of positive people.
    (b) Adjusting in a group: This is another trait of positive people. They can easily adjust in groups. But others may not want to accommodate/adjust with a new person/persons in the old group. It creates a conflict situation.
    (c) Laughter: A positive person can laugh in any situation. But some other people can't laugh in all situations. When a project fails and a member of the team laughs to lessen the tension or the sense of dejection, other team-members may feel angry.

    There are many such attributes of a positive person, which can be perceived as negative traits.
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    Maybe correct. This behaviour of a positive person will be good for a receiving person if he is also a positive thinker. But for a man who is having the attitude of thinking the other may feel these gestures as negative and they may not adjust positively to this type of person. This is the problem of the person at the receiving end but not a problem to a positive person.
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    Very interesting and frank observation by the author. It is true that sometimes we can not digest the ways a positive person behaves. It appears as if he is posing or showing off his level.

    As a normal human being, we are entitled to behave naturally also at times. It is not necessary that we manipulate our expressions and moods in accordance with the positiveness we hold.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It seems that the author has created a niche for himself to make keen observation around him and thus report the things which are happening to us in daily life. Getting adjusted for a positive people is really difficult these days because, people want to befriend both negative and positive thinkers. If some one dominates them with positive minds and positive attitude they cannot digest their living with them. People want and indulge in gossips on others and the positive minded people wont allow to happen. So such kind of persons are slowly rejected or kept aloof by the society.
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