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    The will to achieve sucess: examples from the real world

    More often than not, we resign to our fate, or what we call as "fate". We really never ever understand that fate itself, is something that happens, in spite of all our efforts, but not without them.

    The "them" above refers to all our efforts.

    Here is a very small example. We have to make an urgent trip to a location some 500 kms away for some personal work. No way can we ever get a train reservation. The best alternative is to try for a reputed AC sleeper bus of a private operator. The guy who drives the bus, drives our moment, our fate at that point in time. Many such buses stop at some motel for the driver to have a cup of hot tea. So that he becomes fresh. So, our effort is limited to the best possible alternative.

    Cut to tougher things. Every entrepreneur wants to achieve something. But innovation has to go along with the will to serve the customer.

    A very intelligent guy at Chrompet, a superb of Chennai, saw a huge market for what are called side dishes and the main items of sambar and rasam in most homes. Particularly apartments. He got in touch with them and when he understood the real need, got going. Cook and supply small quantities of sambar, rasam and the vegetable based side dishes. So,the tired housewife needs to just make rice. Dinner ready. A win win situation for both.

    A lady sells just iddli for a living from a slum. The son comes out with flying colors in his plus 2 exam, goes on to do engineering from the prestigious PSG college at Coimbatore, and then goes on to do the MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. The strong willed mother is flown to IIMA to share her experiences of her will. She does it, in Tamil. It gets translated to English.

    Tears roll down her cheeks. Most in the audience cry too. The boy's name is Sarath Baabu, founder and CEO of " Dosa king". His struggle to get there and become the owner of an enterprise now employing so many people is an ideal case study of what and how hard work, combined with the will to achieve, can do.

    The mother still maintains the same hut in North Chennai.

    There are so many such examples. Ravichandran Ashwin, Virat Kohli, the late MGR, Medha Patkar are some names that come to mind. The list is endless, though.
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    The most important trait one need is will and commitment. Once you have these two qualities you will achieve whatever you dream. But if we go away from working hard and aiming for success, there is no chance you will win. But some lazy people don't want to take any risk. They try halfheartedly and they say God has not blessed them with success. God has given you everything but how you will be successful by using those resources correctly is the point which makes to win or lose.
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    Long back, while reading an article in a magazine, I found that the author mentioned there that there is nothing like fate or destiny. It is only a concept out of the fertile human mind.

    It also said that if fate and destiny were pre-fixed by some authority like God then it does not fit in the logic because if everything was pre-fixed one should not bother for anything as things will happen as they are planned by the Almighty.

    So those who believe more in destiny and less in action are sometimes victims of their own laziness. They will never acknowledge this fact and will continue blaming their destiny.

    There is no substitute for strong will and hard work. Still some people just do not accept it and avoid stress and strain of working hard and make different excuses for not working.

    They also quote the famous Sanskrit line - 'Bhagyam falati sarvatram na cha vidya na cha paurusham'. It means that nothing matters, what matters is destiny.

    These people forget that there is another equally powerful line in Sanskrit - 'Udhyamen he sidhyanti karyani na manorathe'. It means that tasks are done by hard work and not by pondering.

    So for the laborious one the latter applies.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This thread reminds me of the quote, Where there is a will, there is always a way. The other story worth quoting is that of the 6th grader who built up the multi-crore ID batter company. Mr. PC Mustafa has aptly said, opportunity is everywhere, but one needs common sense to spot it.

    Often when we have everything spoon fed to us,some of us lose the drive to succeed and do not achieve much. On the contrary, when people are pushed to a corner and are competing on a uneven playing field, they transform, find new avenues, think out of the box and finally succeed.

    Hat's off to the mother and son (of Dosa King), it would shame the efforts of many well to do families and their children.

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    Let's take another instance of Dashrath Manjhi), also known as Mountain Man. His story would have gone unnoticed if we wouldn't have seen a Bollywood movie, "Manjhi: The Mountain Man", wherein, Nawazuddin Siddiqui enacted the role of Dashrath Manjhi, while Radhika Apte played Manjhi's wife.

    The story goes back to the year 1960s & moves around the person called Dashrath Manjhi, who used to live in a small village Gehlaur near Gaya, Bihar, India with his family including his wife Phaguniya Devi & his child. It was a remote village & in order to reach the facilitated area the villagers had to move around by a rocky mountain based near his village that people either had to climb across or travel round to gain access to medical care at the nearest town Wazirganj. One day Manjhi's wife (when pregnant) fell while trying to cross the mountain and eventually died giving birth to a girl, after which Manjhi decided to carve a road through it. When he started hammering the hill people called him a lunatic but that only steeled his resolve further. After 22 years of back-breaking labour, Manjhi carved a path 360 feet long, 25 feet deep in places and 30 feet wide.

    Like the author said there would be innumerable instances which will continue to inspire many of us including the generations of coming times.

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    For every work to get in to success mode , we have to gone through various stages. For example if a marketing executive of various products is visiting the houses often, first time he may be rejected and even scolded, second time a patient hearing is given and third time some thing would be purchased. This is the law of marketing. Likewise when people want to achieve success, they have to take the path of trying and keep on trying. One day surely the success will kiss the person. Likewise those who striven to achieve success has gone through various tests and ordeals of life.
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