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    Imagine the world as one without any countries!

    There are 195 countries in the world each country is having sovereign powers and if we need to go one country to another we need the visa but imagine if the world is one without any countries and without any borders, there are lots of border disputes will be curtailed. What are the issues that will encounter if the world is one with no countries? Imagine the world as one without any countries what are the advantages and disadvantages in that?
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    I feel it is very difficult to have good governance if the whole world is treated as one entity. Another aspect is the identity. In case of any problems to pinpoint the culprit and punishing him will be difficult. Even with all identities and other controls the people taking loans in our country are flying away to some other countries and tracing them is becoming a very difficult issue. If there is no visa or passport system it is highly difficult to catch hold of even small thieves. Opening bank accounts and putting money in those banks will also become easy and none will be able to identify the black money. Many people will evade tax.
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    World without countries ? Well the title seems to be suitable for any fiction film but in reality. How can it be possible to have this world without countries. First of all why the countries are made and created ? For the faiths, their natural resources and their supremacy on one matter or the other. If India has been created because, we have so many religions three side ocean and one side mountain. This kind of natural phenomenon makes to have their own country. And the language , money, style life is also different which cannot be common for one country one world and hence not possible.
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    The human imagination does not require a boundary and a world without countries will also not have any boundaries.

    Theoretically the idea is all right but there will be problem of governance and questions like - who will be the sole President?

    There are many countries where many different groups are surviving under the same umbrella so why so many different races and communities can not survive under one United World Govt.

    It may look as a difficult proposition but not an impossible one.

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