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    Are we reacting too much?

    How prudent one need to be while reacting to posts or comments in the social media? Does one really feel serious about his reaction or is it just mechanical? Is one aware of the repercussions? Join this discussion to find out.

    Today is the age of social media. Every person is present there to contribute in form of posting or comment. A big crowd is there and within a few hours, your notification area or inbox or chat room is full of all sort of emotions and reactions.

    Some people are patient and prudent. They write from their ideas and knowledge. On the other hand, some people simply react to the posts and are determined to see that whatever the author is trying to illustrate is of minor value as there are so many aspects to the issue. And then there are people who blindly offer support without understanding the effect of such reactions. This kind of people sometimes overreact and spoil the thrill and enjoyment of the anticipated discussions.

    Instead of outrightly negating or supporting someone's theory we can very well present our ideas and feelings about the issue.

    What do you feel about this trend?
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    Social media is very popular these days. The members want to participate actively in this media. Hence in the desire of appearing frequently on this media, some people will always show over enthusiasm and say something or other. This is the desire of getting more popular which is making the people react like this. They never think that they are overreacting. This has become a very common issue.
    Another issue here is all are not very good at their expression and their skills may be fewer to write in a way that he will not hurt the feeling of the other people. That is the main reason for these happenings I think/

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    I feel that the author is under the impression that writing diplomatically, pleasing and softly is only the educated way to write or comment on any issue. However, my say this thread topic is different and opposite from the author. When you write thinking about who will feel happy or sad, or when you write thinking that one should not create his image like a negative person, you are actually "acting" to those people to whom you want to impress that how thoughtful and border minded you are. But, is it matching with your own character? I am sure NO.

    Having opposite opinion does not mean you are writing it "blindly" as the author personal feeling is. The thought which comes spontaneously is actually your own real character,. The moment you write for the world thinking about your own image, you are not only cheating yourself but other people too.

    I personally feel that we are "no one" to judge other unless we are in the same situations. How do we know if the other person wrote it "blindly" or using his/her brain? I feel we should stop thinking about others first and think what we are writing is correct or just for creating our own good image or just to please someone important?

    There are different people and different character if you are soft does not mean that your way of thinking is only correct. Instead of blaming or judging others, we should allow everyone to write the way they want to, instead of thinking negatively about them. And, that is actually writing which comes from your heart open and straight.

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    Sometimes we find a forum thread very appealing and we comment on it in that fashion and in fact acknowledge it in totality.

    Many a times we do not agree with the authors ideas and give our points in that matter which may sometimes appear as reacting or not agreeing. I think it is a normal thing and happens in such exchanges.

    The important thing is that we should not fight or antagonize with each other on issues related to some particular matter. A prudent and knowledgeable discussion is the essence of all forum posts and deviating from the main issue will be the most unfortunate thing a forum post goes under.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Nowadays Social Medias become part of our daily life but generally we see that a large number of users forward their massages without reading properly. These types of massages may be harmful for next user.
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    Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet.

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    Be what you are. Think rightly and say what you want to say. Be free and frank without any fear or favour. Call a spade a spade.
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    The trends have changed. Any of us wants our works to get appreciated. And in order to get the attention, the publisher's keeps the headline or the front cover to be attractive so as to get the maximum attention. But unlike the front cover the inside matter is not found to be in context to the heading & saying it as "VIRAL VEDIO". This often suite the likings of a particular group which began to sharing to many on instant basis. The resulting outcome in this case then would be different.

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    The truth is that we all are addicted to a certain ideologies & we continue to favor this during any given circumstances. We can see this scenario in the ISC forum too. In context to the current political events, we tend to see the responses wherein their is no growth & no development. But for others the going is good & this government should be offered with another chance. But for many others they have object & with the intention of bringing up with the new government.

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    The problem is in social media there is no regulation except for obscence post and pictures that can invite a suspension.

    We just have to see the online newspapers that have comments. It ranges from totally antagonising to vulgar to very personal. The whole idea of a giving the other person a chance to express a view or a totally opposite counter view is lost.

    We also should realize that although we have freedom of speech and expressions, we should use our common sense and maturity while raising a contentious issue and if it needs to be raised, we need to carefully word it. Similarly, the people responding should think and express rather than just saying yes, yes or using unsocial language or tone.

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