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    What makes "losing my religion" so great ?

    Every age and era brings a revolution in music. 1800s were for orchestras and operas. Early 1900s are for jazz. From 1960s to 2009, Rock music ruled graciously. 1970s were the birth of metal. From 1990s techno and pop music are in craze. Lately the music industry id engrossed by hip hop.

    The song "Losing my religion" is by the rock band REM. This song instantly became a hit in 1991 and is still considered one of the greatest rock songs. But this wasn't just another rock song in the rock era. Losing my religion is a song that is interpreted differently but different fans.
    If you haven't heard this rock classic yet, please listen to it.

    The video of the song is heavily symbolic and has references from Genesis to Renaissance. The video is very abstract and is not so great in itself. The music too, is backed heavily by a mandolin than a guitar. But the lyrics and the aesthetic scenes and music altogether spin a very interesting and a very memorable song. For an instance a stanza goes like this:
    "I thought that I heard you laughing.
    I thought that I heard you sing.
    I think I thought I saw you try."
    Can you witness the explicit self-doubt in those lines? The singer is so unsure of his own feelings and senses. He wants to let someone know how he feels but he himself is not fully aware of them. Those three lines are the epitome of how to explain your personal torment in very simple words. The splendid vocals and lyrics makes the pain so visible that it is impossible not to feel.
    This was one of the very few cases where I was impressed a lot by a lyricist's talent.
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    Music itself a great revolution for every one as some identify themselves with Instrumental music, some are so near to the lyrics of any song but over all a song capitulates our mind for ever. May be the same happened here.,
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Music is a combination of tune and lyrics. Both have different effects on our mind. The tune flows through us in its rhythm and melody.

    The lyrics first reach our mind and then we get impressed by their deciphered meanings and linguistic levels. There are many old songs which are famous due to their good lyrics.

    I remember an english song tune known as - come September. This tune was very famous and is still very captivating. Later on, one Hindi song was written on this tune but it did not become popular. It shows that tune and lyric should go together otherwise the composing might not succeed.

    Music is a subtle art form of our life and a good music is a tonic to our ears. It is not easy to compose a good piece of music and joining it with another good piece of lyric but artists have done it and will be bringing newer and better compositions in future.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The beauty of music lies in the lyrics, tune and the tone. These three once combines in a grand way you will get a great melody or a music which will never die. SOme songs in old Telugu movies of 40 years old are very good to hear even today also. The songs in MIsamma and Gundamma Katha are most popular today also. That is why they say music is divine and it gives pleasure to kids, animals and even to snakes,
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    Some of the old English songs focused on the lyrics and it would be filled with a lot of meaning like our old Indian songs in any language.
    The thread brings me the memories of the all time hit number 'Nothing's gonna change my love for you'(by George Benson), i don't know the lyricist, but the lines were full of meaning that would touch the hearts.
    With regards to lines that explain our personal situation ( good or bad), most songs and movie characters would do it because, these are based on life's experiences and many a times we can picture ourselves in the same.

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