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    A new home for the humans.

    It is the year 2105 (after 87 years from today).

    The world war III had a devastating effect on the humanity and after sustained talks between the post war countries, a long time treaty was signed for abolishing the nuclear armament by destroying them in the areas already identified as inhabitable. Only the good use of nuclear energy was to be continued like for inter-planetary travel in the solar system or generation of energy for human consumption.

    The use of nuclear arms in the world war III was a major setback for the whole human race and the doubts regarding the physical fitness of the future generations raised by the genetic experts were very alarming and fearful.

    There was a talk of shifting the human population in lots to the planet Mars where the last colony of men from earth survived for a good 22 years and due to onset of war the delay in essential items reaching there made the worst to happen. Those people died on Mars and their bodies were just lying there in the arid and dry climate.

    The earlier volunteer human colonies did many unbelievable tasks on Mars ranging from underground water exploitation to oxygen production from the available resources there. As they could not make many medicines there and depended on Earth for it and it was during war only they were totally neglected and died in want of some of these specific medicines.

    All eyes were towards the high level scientific meet about the future of human race on Earth. A few days later the bulletin was released by United Nations Human Resettlement department that as Earth environment was in a danger of deteriorating further and further due to ecological changes after the war, the only option was to establish a new home for humans on already explored planet Mars for which necessary resources will be raised by the post war nations and a large number of people will be shifted to Mars to establish the colonies and manufacturing units in a fast mode. The U.N. also permitted the use of nuclear space ships to facilitate the shifting of a large number of people at a time. As per their estimates the shifting would take about 10-15 years and Mars will be the new home for everyone.

    There was a big celebration on Earth on hearing this news and people were very happy to move to a new place which was far from the nuclear radiation and other lurking fearful ecological changes.

    This is the entry for TOW- home contest.
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    Nice and different thought from the author highlighting the effects of nuclear radiation and possible shift of people to farther place to have their safe homes. Appreciation for creative writing.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    An excellent science fiction from the author. I enjoyed reading it. He has developed the science fiction based upon the realistic scenario. I feel that even without nuclear explosion, humanity will have to search a new place for living due to another explosion, i.e., population explosion.

    However, I request the author to develop this concept to a full-fledged article under 'creative writing' sub-category.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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