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    Is the battle ground already being set for 2019 to face the BJP by all other political parties?

    With the news that AAP has approached Congress to have a tie up or seat sharing for the elections 2019 with 5:2 ratio, it appears all the rivals are coming closer to fight with their common enemy. A party which fought against corruption and won more than 90% of seats in the Delhi assembly is now trying to shake hands with a party to fight against their common enemy.

    With the success formula of UP in the by-polls, all the opposition parties seem to be flocking together with a common agenda of defeating their common enemy. Deprive him of the power first, we can work out the power sharing formula later – this is what their game plan as applied in Karnataka. See, they couldn't form their own cabinet in Karnataka till date and still working on modalities. This is how they work in future to fight against their common rival in the next elections too. In one way, it would be a wake up call for the ruling party not to be adamant and to take along all the members of their own party.

    Is the battle ground already being set for 2019 to face the BJP by all other political parties?
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    First of all kudos to BJP for making all the party to unite and fight against it. This itself a great progress because once upon a time there was one or two MP's for this party and now it is governing with formidable majority and also snatching one after other from the Congress. In fact the opposition has been baffled by the surging BJP in all states and in fact it almost captured the power in Karnataka too. Nevertheless all the parties are starving for the funds, and BJP has the advantage of its state governments very much present before going to general elections. Thus it is advantage BJP against all odds.
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    All these alliances prove two facts. The first one is Narendra Modi is the undisputedly most popular leader in all states of India. No other political leader can match his popularity in his/her own state or all over India. The second fact is that political party can unitedly match BJP's formidable election machinery.

    But what would the people gain from such direction-less alliances? Will the alliance partners provide a different roadmap for development? No, it is not possible. So, what would they do if they come to power? They would fight among themselves for personal gains and such Government would fall. This has been proved in 1977, in 1989 and in 1996. So, without any doubt, another election will be held in three years and there would be huge expenditure from the state exchequer.

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    A change is required. Though Modi is a popular figure, the figure has not done anything to the country as promised by them during the election campaign. Black money remained black money only. Demonetization helped many to become rich, and the poor suffered. GST has not helped the public anyway. Totally, Modi has failed. Yet he roars with Man ki bath etc. He is a showman of no use.
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    I feel very sad. If all the parties get united for the welfare of the common man, I might have been felt very happy. But it seems these political parties are not at all having any such concern for the people. The author very precisely mentioned that "A party which fought against corruption and won more than 90% of seats in the Delhi assembly is now trying to shake hands with a party to fight against their common enemy."
    It is very evident their ultimate aim of all parties is only to grab power from BJP. This should be known to all the voters and they should always understand which party is better and what are the measures the earlier rulers took and the present rulers are taking. Once they think in those lines and vote for the best option then definitely our country will have a best ruling party and the country and the common man will progress.
    I hope good sense will prevail in the voters and act wisely and see that the best thing to the country will only happen.

    always confident

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    Mr.Modi failed on all fronts- demonetization failure, GST troubling merchants and common man, integrity of judiciary failed, integrity of democracy failed with monarch rule of Mr.Modi, integrity of secularism failed, corruption increased many folds, transparency in electioneering became a nightmare, no control over cost of commodities, failure to control fuel prices etc. Mr.Modi spent much of his time on foreign land than in India and much of the time when he is in India spent in election meetings. People of both South and North India completely frustrated with the arrogant way of dealing things by Mr.Modi and they have realized that they cannot see Acche Din with him and BJP. The recent bypolls spread over ten states indicating that how people are angry with Mr.Modi and BJP. After the State elections of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Jarkhand the real picture will be out before General election and it will clear for those who are talking about that BJP won many State elections.

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    ''Mr.Modi failed on all fronts''-That is the precise reason India has recorded a GDP growth of 7.7% during the last quarter of the Financial Year 2017-18. The figures of growth in different sectors can be seen in the following Forum post (raised today morning):-

    GDP growth rate during the last quarter of 2017-18

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    In 2014, the BJP won 282 seats on its own with 31% of polled vote share. This is the least percentage with which a party won the 52% seats. The previous least was by Congress in 1967. With 40.8% vote share. it won 283 seats. The opposition parties realized that a united opposition can defeat the BJP in 2019. Recent by-elections proved it and they are coming together to defeat the BJP.
    The AAP won the Delhi Assembly elections twice. The BJP did not allow it to function with the help of the Lieutenant Governor. The AAP should have been allowed to function and prove its worth or perish. The opposition including the AAP is not taking any chances which may help the BJP.

    What is BJP now? One man show. I do not call this democracy. The entire nation's future is dependent on one person, which is not good for the country. The coalition governments will have their own problems which can be solved with mutual understanding. The days of single-party governments are almost over. The earlier we realize, it is better. All the parties coming together have the experience of governing. South India is shut for the BJP. In North India, the signs are against it as the by-elections have proved.

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    We just cannot generalize and say that Modi government is the failure. He has done many good things but unfortunately BJP could not hype the good things done by the NDA government. Digital India boost was created by this government and today without going to government departments, one can get the things done online. Likewise one can interact with the PM with his social media handle. As far as I remember no PM in the past was so near to the people as Modi does. His Man ki Baath program is the hit with mass. And in every election BJP is not loosing their vote share.
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    The "once" national party Congress is over, even if not fully, they will be finished compromising with other political parties. We can see the latest example in Karnataka, even though being the second largest party as per the seat calculations, they had to compromise with the lower political party who had almost half of the seat they got! We can understand their love to be in the Government even though they have to compromise. Its the same story with other political parties too. So, obviously, they know they have to unite to fight for the "Chair".

    If the Mahagathbandhan of other political party gets the chance to form the Government in the centre, one can easily guess what kind of Government we will have. It would be surely a compromising Government. They will be kept busy in compromising themselves entire 5 years and what betterment the country will get it can be guessed easily.

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    I am surprised with your analysis & with this I also would request you to raise a separate thread against each of the points & then we can discuss.

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    It is true that all parties are forming alliance with each other against BJP and this goes to show that they are actually afraid that they will not be able to fight the party alone because of its sheer popularity and political sense.
    There is no denying that Mr. Narendra Modi is such a charismatic person that he can prove even the wrong thing as right.
    I am neither pro Modi or against him but I do say that I have never seen any Prime Minister till date who is as bold as Mr. Modi.
    Elections for 2019 will be a testing ground for BJP and for the same reason all parties are aligning themselves to defeat BJP, but never have I seen so much of keenness to defeat a party rather they should focus their energy and resources to uplift the common people and actually do good work at their level and I am sure people will vote them to power if they actually do the right things.

    If all the parties form an alliance and are able to defeat BJP in 2019, then it is for sure that the nation is going to suffer because the parties will start a new fight among themselves for power in state, in departments, in ministries and so on. They will start a monkey fight among themselves with no focus on any agenda or growth of nation. India will be sold to hands of fools who only think of themselves and nothing else

    Mr. Modi atleast has guts to take decision and implement them. Already a lot of damage has been done post independence but there is a hope that this time as there is visible changes in economy and image of the country as a whole and that itself speaks a lot.

    For me BJP losing elections in 2019 will be loss of country and people as none other party have the will or skill to manage this diverse nation, India.

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    "There is no denying that Mr. Narendra Modi is such a charismatic person that he can prove even the wrong thing as right."
    That is the main problem and the necessity for the opposition to come together.

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    #638166 / Mr. Sun,

    Whom you want to vote for in the next general election in 2019?

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    #638203 /. Mr. KVRR,

    Pl. let us know more about the biodata of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. You said, "The BJP did not allow it to function with the help of the Lieutenant Governor. The AAP should have been allowed to function and prove its worth or perish". How come?

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    Mr. Ved Prakash, you are the most impartial person here in the forum. Study for yourself and come to an understanding.
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    This is nothing but pure, unadulterated hatred. No political leader, no journalist can tolerate the popularity of the present Prime Minister. They don't bother to compare the performance of the previous Government with the present Government. They don't want to compare the level of corruption between these two Governments.
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    #638203 /. Mr. KVRR,

    If somebody ask me about how I am good then at least I wouldn't ever say that because others are bad in comparison to me & so I become automatically good. Bus instead I would mean completely by myself.

    Again I want to know about how the Kejriwal Government couldn't go ahead with his proposed projects in order to make Delhi, the safer & good in administration. Except for Odd-Even, which in fact haven't been able to reduce the pollution, I don't see any other actions taken by him.

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    Mr.Partha, you are partly true. Maybe it is hatred. Mr. Narendra Modi may be absolved of his conduct in the 2002 Godhra riots by the courts of law but not by people. Mr. Vajpayee hinted at "Raj Dharma" at that time but he himself forgot his "Raj Dharma" by his inaction.
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    What did Mr. Modi do in 2002? Let me listen to the reply. Young innocent children and elderly women were burnt to death at Signal Falia. The people of entire state irrespective of party affiliations were very angry. The state was in a communal frenzy for three days. Mr. Modi, a very new Chief Minister at that time, controlled the riot in the entire state within three days. It is a creditable achievement.
    Now compare the scene of neighbouring Maharashtra's capital, Mumbai, in 1992-93 under the Congress Government. How long did the riot continue?

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    The author has nicely summarised that political events, that seem to stop the tide always being in favor of BJP and slowly the dream run seems to be a real run for money in 2019.

    I had raised threads on two important issues, that I think will decide or shape the chances of BJP in 2019.

    Can Rahul Gandhi smell a shot at victory in 2019?.

    Can the BJP look beyond Mr. Modi & Amit Shah? .

    If you add the recent loses (Kairana etc), Yes, would be the answer. BJP will have to very much get their act together and look where things are going wrong before it is too late to face the third front or Congress based alliance. I wouldn't be surprised if BJP and the Sena get back together.

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    I do not want to discuss 2002 Godhra riots anymore. Let us move away from it.
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    Mr. KVRR, your response, and opinion are as expected but don't be so blind as if the Congress party did so good to this country. Being Modi and BJP hater is different but being blindly supporting a party is different. You brought out the Godhra topic unnecessarily, didn't you? However, if we go blaming to the political party, had you forgotten the 1984 riots during the Congress in which some of the political leaders were directly involved? Or have you forgotten that the Central Government in Delhi were Congress when the Babri Masjid was demolished? Just blaming on BJP and Modi can't make Congress honest and innocent.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
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    Mr. Jeets, the Godhra topic was in response to Mr.Partha. Each to his own opinion. Try to understand the context.
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    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Actually the opposition parties need not form a grand alliance now itself. The Karnataka episode has shown us that whatever be the people's intention and voting results, there can be some post-poll alliance as per opportunity.
    The smart ones will try to do that.

    As most parties except the Congress are only regional parties, they will be fighting local battles. They need not spend their resources on all India level. The party which is going to be affected is Congress. Its in a very difficult pitch. It cannot stand and win alone. It cannot turn to be a regional party also. So it has to do the maximum sacrifice . It will be reduced to be a party to supply votes and funds to some regional parties for the sake of its own existence.
    But then, it is not so easy to find a common PM candidate for the opposition parties, as each party's leader aspires to be PM. Let us wait and see. For BJP the ground realities are not so good. Party lacks star campaigners. In local level they do not have charismatic leaders to stir people's mind sin their favour. Most of them are lacklustre leaders. They are not grooming second level and third layer leaders. They are just depending on Modi's popularity and support. That alone is not enough.
    They have failed to bring to notice and convince the mass voters about the good work done by the central government and state governments ruled by BJP.
    Due to the demonetisation, Aadhaar implementation, GSt, banning a lot of paper NGOS collecting foreign funds ,touching the journalists who were enjoying undeserved and ineligible facilities for years- all these have disturbed certain segments and created heavy opposition from those segments. These segments are powerful, resourceful and able to sway block votes and will definitely work maximum to prevent BJP and Modi coming to power.

    Hence unless the BJP/NDA gets to the grassroots level and convinces people what they have done and what they are doing for the people and nation, it will be very tough for BJP/NDA in 2019.They cannot rest lazy on their victory of 2014. As of no electoral maths is totally unfavourable to BJP/NDA. Only grassroots and middle class people can be their saviours. Are they learning?

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    Whatever may be the result of the coming general elections, they are going to be the dirtiest in the history of democratic India. The Congress party realized its position and trying to forge alliances before the elections. It already forged an alliance with JDS in Karnataka, BSP in Madhya Pradesh. South India is almost shut for the BJP. The combined opposition in the northern belt will be a force to reckon with. Pre-poll alliances will prevent the division of votes which benefits the BJP. Once the elections are over and result declared post-poll alliances will take place accordingly. I do not think finances will be a problem for BJP or Congress. The BJP is already in a strong position financially. Depending upon the trend before elections, funds will flow to the party which is likely to have more chances of winning. The chances of BJP as of now rest mainly on the possible disunity among the opposition parties. However weak the Congress party might be as of now, the other parties badly need its presence. The BJP which looked in a strong position a few months back seems to be vulnerable due to repeated losses in the by-elections and the recently found unity among the opposition parties.
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    Yes, I believe the battleground is already ready for the 2019 election and every party has started to implement its strategy for it.
    It is the spectacular image of PM Narendra Modi which lead the opposition parties to come together to fight him and siding together even if their ideology does not match they are coming together. This doesn't make any good appeal to the public for them as it is just selfish motives of these parties which have caused the formation of such grand alliance. But these alliances are most likely to fail in the future.

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    By the way why should one hate our Prime Minister Modi and why should we embrace other party ? Congress party being largest all these years has been betraying by promising something and swindling the money left and right, and the voters were so adjusted with that party all these years. And hardly 4 years has happened for NDA government under Modi leadership and we expect Himalayan achievements from him. Common, let us be realistic. Bet me, give one more chance, the country's pride would be much higher with greatest economic growth, transparent administration and above all corrupt free administration.
    K Mohan
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    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    #638394, You are mistaking Mr. KVRR, there is no question of accepting or not accepting here. We are discussing an issue and to do that one have to take someone point to talk further. It is obvious that I am not going to accept your opinion nor you of mine. And, I don't think anyone taking it personally, however, I find some frustration on some member who when find to escape, they bring in the unnecessary topic to deviate from the main point.

    #638374, Mr. Venkiteswaran, as usual, your views are diplomatically, trying to keep all happy. However, some points which you have brought out is like a school kid. You have repeated the same that opposition party and their supporters repeating it from last 2 or more years. The same you brought out about "Demonetization" and "GST", as you feel it may stop BJP. No matter whether you say it "Gabbar Singh Tax" or cry out loud, it has not affected the BJP in any elections nor the majority faith of the people. Even if some people are not satisfied with the current Government, yet these people have enough brain to understand whom to vote. To vote for selfish Gathbandhan or to strong party.

    In the end, I would only like to say that, do we need to say here that who comes to fight with the crowd?

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