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    Why famous Music director Ilayaraja does not compose music these days ?

    We all know that Illayaraja has earned a niche for himself in creating music away from the general composers and thus earned name and fame not only in India but also played Philharmonic music too. But when asked why he was not composing music now , he made a starling revelation. That there is no freedom of music expression, as even assistant director and even unconcerned members of the unit advise him to include some lift from Hindi songs, and also make some great BGM. Peeved by such interference the Music maestro is now having his own orchestra performance across the globe visiting great cities with his great performance.
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    I think, his music has reached the saturation point. All his stock has been exhausted and his godown remains empty without any good stock of music.
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    I feel there are two reasons.
    The first one is the trend these days is changing and music of Illawarra fame is slowly losing its ground. The melody he has created is excellent and same again and again many people are not liking. The people like AR Rahaman and Devi Sri Prasad are adapting themselves to the present situation and trying to get to new ways and means. That is why many producers may not be ready to give him a chance.
    These days we should have the capacity of adapting to change and we should be able to impress everybody and should respect everybody. We can't say that your interference is not required. But this musician is having his own way of working, which may be making the directors and producers unhappy.
    We can understand his attitude when he questioned SPBalu about singing his songs on stage shows without his permission. These days alone talent is not sufficient. With talent adaptability to the situation is very important.

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    Illayaraja is a great music composer. I have heard his creations which are mainly based on Karnatic classical form of music. Nowadays young generation is no longer interested in the classical form of music. But I feel that after enjoying some rest, this great music composer will return with a bang to play another successful inning.
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    It is sad that such a query has been raised. Illayaraja is a gem and he can create music suited to any situation or period. I agree that the fast numbers that are preferred by the new generation guys may not be acceptable (acceptable) to him but that does not, in any way, allow us, or anyone, to take away the credits he has as a great musician recognized all over the world. Illayaraja sir may not be composing music for films these days, but it is no big deal. Music is not all about film music. A genius like Illayaraja sir can never be forgotten. I reiterate that I felt very bad that this thread has been raised. And a word of caution for SuN at #638167, never underestimate the masters. We are nowhere near them.
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    Music Maestro Ilayaraja composed music for over 1000 films in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam etc.. and bagged 5 national film awards. Recently he was honored with Padma Vibhushan. Who said he is not composing music these days? Last year he composed music for atleast 10 films in various languages, and this year too some films are going to be released. Music maestro might not have success as earlier but so many followers are waiting for his films. His age might be one of the reasons for this as he recently turned to 74. He might have interest in giving concert across the world these days than composing music for films.

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    For the information of Sun, when he could create wonders with available instruments those days, why can't now. He is the genius to core and does not want outside interference to his renditions.
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