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    Ghosts past and present haunt Cricket.

    Hansie Cronje, a former South Africian cricketer would be familiar to most of the cricket buffs. Unfortunately, we would also remember him for his role in match fixing and him ban. His death anniversary was on 1st June 2002.

    Ironically, on the same anniversary this year (1st June 2018). Mr. Arbaaz Khan, actor was summoned by police for questioning regarding his relations with a bookie Sonu Jalan/Malad. Today, he has confessed to betting on IPL matches.

    Further more, yesterday (1st June 2018) again, it was reported that Cricket Australia quickly dismissed it's Head of Integrity after claims of match fixing involving two of its players named in a documentary by Al-Jazeera, aptly labelled as 'Cricket's Match fixers'.

    It seems that even after 16 years, the noble gentleman's game of cricket is still haunted by the Ghosts both past and present.

    India is considered the land of cricket, while we should be proud of this, we should also introspect on how much we are to be blamed also.
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    Betting has become a very big problem in the game of cricket. Many players out of greed for making money are opting for these unethical practices and making the gentleman's game as an unfair game. I have been observing this problem since last 30 years. The great players like Kapil dev were also suspected for their involvement in these nasty actions. This problem is there in all countries and even in IPL also this problem is there. The CSK team was banned and again this year has come to the league.
    All these are happening due to the desires of the people to get lots and lots of money. By playing in these games all the players are making crores of rupees. Still, their hunger has not come down. They wanted to earn more by these unethical practices. Betting itself is to be not encouraged. Added to this match-fixing has become a big threat to the game. We all should hope that good sense will prevail on these Ghosts, Past and Present, and they will see that the game will not get murdered in these criminal acts.

    always confident

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