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    Why fair practices are getting into cold storage?

    These days in all fields of our life we are seeing many unfair practices and people are not hesitating to unfair practices in order to fulfil their wishes and amass wealth.
    The ultimate aim of a politician should be to protect the interest of the country. But they will never think about it. They always work for getting into power and making money. If somebody tries for it he will become oddman out.
    The player who is representing his country will never think that he has to see the flag of his country will fly high. In his attempts for making much more money illegally and unethically, they never hesitate to keep the country's interest in the backyard.
    An industrialist we have to think about providing employment to the educated and who has to help the society to get the benefit will no thought of this and he always tries to see that with fewer inputs he will make large money.
    We can enhance this list with many more such issues. I fail to understand why the people are becoming so selfish and never think of ethics?
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    It has become imperative for a performer to be in rate race and be adjudged as the best. Be it personal or politics, everyone is vying for a place and pride. If a sportsman performs means , not because of his talent he has the compulsion to increase his position against the nearest competitor. Likewise a politician who was ruling earlier, cannot sit without power. He looks into ways and means to bother the present government and see that it gets bad name and that would bring bad repute to pave way for alternate thinking among voter. This means only the fittest can survive.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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