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Special Prize Winner of Topic based TOW contest for the week 27th May - 2nd June'18 on topic - 'Home'
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    Your Home needs and misses you

    You were born and brought here, you took your every breath here, you got educated here but then you got attracted to the foreign land and culture and started seeing drawbacks in our country. You soon left your home country for a lucrative and high paying job and settled there. You enjoyed your life in a foreign land, made a huge earning and adjusted to their lifestyle. You gained the satisfaction of your life that you landed in a country which was so technologically advanced, so clean and so systematic compared to your home country. Your children grew up there and started liking foreign culture and people. When you made a short vacation trip to India with your family your children felt "Ah! India is so dirty! So dusty everywhere!".

    Years have passed by and now you must have gathered enough of wealth. Close your eyes and visualize the scenes of your home country and the time you spent there earlier. Do you feel you want to go back? Perhaps no as there are so many problems there like poverty, less development, bad infrastructure, less education etc. But your country needs your service to solve these problems. It made you capable of going out and earning and now it is your turn to serve your homeland express your gratitude.

    Dear friend, please return to your home country, it's never too late. Let your children get a feel of rich and warm Indian culture and realize the greatness of this country. India needs the service of its millions of sons and daughters to rise and be at par with the developed countries. Budding professionals! Just think twice and see what attracts you more, money or your duty towards motherland? I hope you will decide in favor of your country.

    India is your Home and it needs all its family members.

    A TOW Contest Entry
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    Very nice and passionate appeal from the others to all those who have gone to greener pastures and in the guise of foreign studies and then earnings. Nothing wrong to go abroad and earn, but one should not settle there itself. Parents are eagerly waiting for their children to return, the society wants their presence so that they get benefited by their knowledge. Likewise state and central government wants them , as without their presence the knowledge base that is required for the government to carry on is missing. Government wants intelligentsia to return and serve the society.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    An excellent post to all NRIs. It is socially relevant. It seems that NRIs have heard this call and have started helping the country with their expertise. A new change is definitely arriving.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    This is a very good advice for the people of India who settled outside the country. The country spends a lot of funds on these Guys to make the educated and make them productive. The Nation gives them many facilities to learn and understand the worldly chores and make you understand how to swim out of troubled waters. Once you are clever enough you are jumping out of India to get rich and enjoy your life. But what is that you are giving back to your country which has given you a platform to excel and become rich.
    So the author is very correct in asking them to come back to the land and contribute to the upcoming of the country. This is the duty of every NRI to contribute to the development of the country.

    always confident

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