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    Farmers destroying their own crops in seven states. Milk destroyed by pouring on roads. Please stop

    We all know the hard work that goes into producing any crop by the farmers and really saddened to see the vegetables and other crops are being wasted and dumped on the roads. Likewise the Milk farmers who are not getting the MSP has poured the precious milk on the road. The situation has gone bad to worse in 7 states and spreading. Appeal to the government and farmers. Nothing is impossible from both the sides to sit and arrive at amicable solution's. Do not waste the vegetables and milk , it really pains us.
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    These are all natural resources. Of course, farmers struggled and grown them. It is a fact that they are not getting sufficient money in return. Sometimes they are not even getting what they spent for growing them. Even then they also will not have a right to waste them and spoil them. As said by the author the farmers can go on a discussion with the government and see that they will get their wishes fulfilled. Negotiations will bring in some understanding between the two parties.
    When I was working in a company as General Manager, the workers of the company went on an agitation against the management. Every day these people used to bring their tiffin boxes and used to keep them on the tables of all the management staff. They continued this for ten days. As the management has not yielded they started pouring the contents of the tiffin box on the tables of the management staff. I remembered this incident when I read about the farmer's agitation.

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