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    Why is the USA still the Mecca for best higher education?

    Critizcize the country for promoting international terrorism. Criticize it for creating troubles in economic affairs of certain countries.

    Yes, it is very much true. The USA does this and more.

    But it still remains the fountainhead of all knowledge. Its very high standards of education has produced wonders in so many fields.

    Take Information Technology. Apple computers rules the world with amazing products. Cloud computing comes from there. Microsoft, IBM, Google, HP, you name any company and we find they are all American.

    The secret is that their investment in R&D is so huge. Their innovation methodologies are simply superb. Even the mighty Japanese have copied all their knowledge or all their technologies.

    Contrary to actual facts, Deming and Juran and Philip Crosby, the big Quality gurus were not from Japan. They made all Japanese companies do what they did. Give importance to quality, and the rest will follow.

    All the three Gurus were American. Their learning came from the USA. They were not listened to, in USA. The Japanese lapped it up.

    But then, Ford, General Motors and Crysler have all come back. With a huge vengence.

    The Americans probe deep. Their investigation methods are so detailed. Their cures are also so detailed and based on most advanced technology.

    Our own doctors, engineers, scientists, lawyers, Management Consultants, et al, have done so well in USA. The fountainhead of knowledge that is always updated is open to anyone from any corner of the world, on merit.

    Hundreds of engineers from IITs make it there. Hundreds of MBAs from the IIMs are also there. Every year, their numbers keep growing.

    Though the great Trump is playing the Bal Thakery game by trying to shut doors to immigrants in terms of jobs, he will come a cropper. The big companies will find a way out and trounce him in the knowledge game. We should note that Indians are the most powerful immigrant community in USA and are in Government too.

    The USA will continue to innovate. There is absolutely no rote learning there. Everything is based on research. USA will continue to dominate the landscape of all new products, all new innovations and all new technologies for decades to come.
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    It is real. Any country's development will definitely depend on the money one is investing in the innovation and R&D to make the productivity high in Organisations with quality at the front door. In India, we never invest in R&D. We will go on using the good old methods. Otherwise, the people will try to copy from some other Organisation by trying to rope in some employees in the other Organisation by paying a little more.
    Another problem here is the employment potential and policy. The chances are less and merit will not be given its due in the selection process of people. So the real merit people are going out and excelling there. A Scientist we went to the US after his studies from IIT Madras and raised to the level of getting very good recognition there. When interacted with him, his comments are made me worry a lot. He says the chances he got in that country and the encouragement he got there made him go to that level. He added that he might not have achieved that much such had he stayed back in India as the amenities here are not comparable to that of US.

    always confident

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    When a country has been developed some 200 years back and many are still considered to be under developed, just imagine their leisure time to spend on research and development and thus they are many steps ahead than other super developed countries. Every home is rich , no question of sorrow or sadness, no poverty, no debtors and above all peaceful life assured by government with various schemes and programs. The people are so wealthy and affordable that they wont miss any entertainment because they need nor think of food for next day. In that situation any country would be on par with US in education or otherwise.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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