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    Why Home is so special?

    "Let's go Home."

    Often you would find this line in the movie by the actor when in a hopeless situation. What makes them or us utter the word "home" when we find no destination? Whether an astronaut who is thousands of miles away from Earth or a soldier who is in his enemy land fighting for his country or a simple human when caught up in difficult situations, all we remember then is our "Home".

    A home does not mean to be surrounded by only four walls. It can be your hometown, it can be your city and it can be your country where one gets loved and feel secure. A person who stays away from his country or hometown, away from his own culture, asks them how they feel about "Home". I am sure that the first thing he/she will talk about his surrounding. They will talk about those people who always stay with him/her in sad or happy. I mean to say that they will not stick only within four walls of their home. The home actual mean for them is their world.

    When we are at our home, it is surrounded by walls but when we come out of it the home become our surrounding atmosphere. If we go little away, the home becomes our hometown. Little further the home becomes our city and when we go to different place in another part of the Globe, the Home becomes our country. But, wait, I need to say something more. Just imagine yourself as an astronaut and look the Earth from the deep black space, Yes then our home is our Mother Earth, so beautiful so blessing and so caring to the humankind. In fact, the word "Home" is as powerful as any religious mantra like "OM". It provides us the energy, a desire for that we want to live rest of our life. Maybe this is why the Home is so special to all of us.

    (I wrote this thread for the TOW contest but unfortunately, I could not able to submit it on time due to my hectic schedule in which I am right now. However, this is my own feeling about "Home" and tried to put it through words.)
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    Very nice contribution from the author but it is belated. Nevertheless the contents do give great insight about our behavior and thought of the home. Home is the place, we feel secured, belonging , happening, sharing, tiring, retiring, joyful living , entertaining others and above all the place is full of all nuances happening by small children. If kids are there in the home, it will be lively, electrifying and all the members of the family would be having great time playing with them. That is the reason being even when we are out of station for one day, we yearn to come back and stay in our home.
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    A nice expression of the word HOME. As long as you are in your Hometown, you may feel you are safe in your home. When we go out of your hometown within the district then you feel you are safe in your Hometown. Once you go out to any other district within the state you feel you are safe in your home district. More the distance you travel your home will become bigger. This idea he brought in his write up. A nice thought, the concept of the global village make all of us think this globe as our home.
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    An excellent write-up on the topic ''Home''. It is indeed true that in most of the cases, it is the abode of peace. After a long day of work, all of us want to return to this abode of peace. Those for whom home is not an abode of peace, are really unfortunate.

    A really great and relevant write-up on Home. It is really unfortunate that this write-up won't be allowed to participate in the ToW contest due to late submission.

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    The author has very nicely presented the nostalgic feelings about our home where ever it may be.

    It is true that our longing for our home will remain as a perpetual desire specially when we are away on a mission.

    I feel deeply sorry for those creatures who are homeless and staying in shelter houses or orphanage. They do not know what is a home and how much important it is for us. The warmth and cosiness that we get in our homes after returning from a hectic journey is beyond description.

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    Thanks for arising a question on importance of home in this modern life. We all can no say Specialty of home in words, We can feel, I have seen a living things who have no home they are wondering in the world without any aim in life. In shortly we can say that there is no any alternative of home
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