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    Where have all the jingles of bangles gone?

    There are positively some traditional things about Indian culture. Our dress and certain things that sort of compulsorily go with such dresses.

    Most importantly, the jingle of glass or some other (including metal) bangles, religiously worn by any girl above the age of ten, with either sari or half saris.

    Today, we can only say, that " was" the tradition. Even in the North of India, the bangles were there alright, though the dress might have been a bit different. Even in a huge metro like Mumbai the local women were habituated to wearing the green glass bangles.

    Today, since I have not visited that superb Metro for long, i dont know what is going on there. But in most of South India, including traditional parts of Andhra Pradesh, it is as good as gone.

    College girls give only a thums down. None of them go anywhere near it. Jeans, or the churidhar are seen even in temples or weddings, sans the bangles.

    Where did we change so much? Is the advent of the IT revolution to blame? Is there a cultural revolution of sorts, where the girls and the women say, "just forget it?".

    At this rate, even the most traditional and hugely scientific "seemandham" which is a function to celebrate pregnancy and honor the women, in many communities across India, will be gone forever. May those women who are in their fifties will live to tell some stories about this important function, to their grandchildren.

    What has happened, really?

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    As the days are passing many changes are taking place in the society. These days many girls are travelling in buses and another transport vehicle to reach their school, college or office. They may be going by scooters. For this saree or half saree may be inconvenient. That is why these ladies or girls are going for Punjabi dresses or churidars. I feel this is more for convenience and comfort than fashion.
    Coming to bangles I see the majority of Ladies in Hyderabad are wearing bangles on one hand and wristwatch on the other hand. Only some percentage of college going girls avoid this. Again this is also for the convenience as it is easy to write and work on instruments with hands without any bangles.
    The same girls once they get married and start taking care of their families they may go back to sarees and use all traditional wear as per the culture.

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    Modernisation has taken a toll on many things and bangles are one of them.

    The women's lib movement, increasing number of women in employment, the issue of equality etc have changed the many concepts and accessories worn by the women.

    The old attires are giving way to masculine dresses and many ladies are coming out of the household for real action in the open air outside.

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    I don't think there has been much change in terms of wearing bangles. But yes, in today's time, it is not easy to find every girl wearing bangles so easily. Mostly I have seen the married women wearing "Chooras" in their hand, those are thick bangles, earlier used to be the trend with only Punjabis, but now every girl wears it almost. Because working girls hardly like to wear any kind of bangle. Once they are married they do.

    My mother still wears bangles, but in major cases, in today's scenario, people consider wearing bangles as a tradition and so they follow it.
    In earlier times, it used to seem attractive to little girls and ladies and so they even used to buy it on festivals or occasions. It was usual at that times.
    This is what we can consider as a generation gap that people take this now only as a custom in India. But still women after marriage preferably wear bangles in hands and "bichua" in their leg finger, as it is considered important after getting married.
    Living style has changed and so with that wearing accessory or ornaments has become occasional or very rare. But still I see most of the ladies wearing bangles which seems very nice.

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    Yes wearing bangles has now been restricted to house holds and not those who work at offices and girls going to college. The modern fashion has changed. Girls are no more interested in glass bangles which gives sounds of indication of their moments while working. That is totally missing. Instead imitation jewels are preferred. Some girls are also interested to wear attitude bands which is in straps forms. All these new form of fashion statement has forced the traditional bangles out of bound for the young generation girls. I could see such bangles worn only during big festivities and that too at the insistence of the elders.
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    Hmm though people never stop listing uses and importance of bangles, I think they're futile in modern world. Here's why.
    The glass bangles, if worn today, covering from wrist to elbow, would hurt girls when it breaks. Women don't just sit at home nowadays. They catch buses, they type on computer keyboard, they play games/sports, they drive cars..etc. ; Now tell me. Won't glass bangles just be a major physical inconvenience. Moreover the irritating clangs of these bangles become a nuisance during meetings or even during travel. So women reduced the number of bangles on their arms because it is better that way.
    Then what about metal bangles? The gold and copper ones? Though their sound is negligible and their texture is awesome to look at, metals draw heat from body and this heat is the best environment for bacteria growing on a woman's sweaty wrists.
    I have a silver watch and it kills my wrist with itches in summer. So I can understand and sympathise how wearing an undetectable bangle feels like.
    So the summary is that, it's not fashion but the lifestyle that begs women to forgo bangles.
    It is better this way I guess.

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    I guess, there are many reasons for this. In my particular cases, I was in the hostel since the age of nine and stayed there until my post graduation. In the hostel, we were not allowed to wear any kind of such things, not even rings. So, I didn't wear bangles before my marriage.
    After marriage, I was facing problems in doing regular work wearing bangles as I was not habituated of it. Then I started removing them while working.
    After that, I got a job and needed to travel in local trains daily. I got hurt many times in crowd due to my bangles. Many times it hurt another person standing beside me. So I stopped wearing bangles on regular basis and they became part of my occasional wear.
    So, in my case, it was just the circumstances!


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    Why the bangles are worn by the ladies, especially the married one, it not only enhances the looks and beauty of a married women and also to keep away the advancement of husband towards wife in case she was pregnant and the bangles would thus give sounds.
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    A nostalgic thread regarding the simple by enchanting sounds of the glass bangles that would be hard to miss at home, at functions, at temples. Some would wear the entire box of 15 odd bangles from the wrist upwards giving a loud noise.

    What has happened really is that 'Change' has come, we have moved on to gold bangles, some women have only one bangle on one hand and a watch on the other, some leave their wrist bare. Although, it is something that we would miss, it don't think we can stop it. It would still be worn in rural areas and at some function.

    Also, some of the reasons given above makes sense, women's roles and needs have changed so too have the concept of glass bangles.

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