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    Why activity on ISC appears to be less on a Sunday.

    As far as my observation goes, the activity on this Indisstudychannel appears less than the normal working days. Actually, all the people will have a holiday for their official work and they have more spare time on Sunday. So I was thinking that the activity will be more on Sunday. But actually, when you look into the site the number of visitors will be less on this day and contributions in the sections will also be less than the other days. Is it due to the members will be having more weekend works which are to be completed on this day as they may not find time for next 5 or 6 days to attend these works. Alternatively, the members may be spending happy time with their family members and they don't want to open the laptops. Otherwise, I may be wrong in my observation. members can react accordingly.
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    Dr. Rao,

    A fun reminder: You did post a similar thread a year ago! You wondered, then, why Sunday is very boring.

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    For many of us, ISC is a part time activity. In that light there should be more activities on a holiday.

    The contention of the author might be indicating to the people going out on holidays or Sundays with their families and in that process giving less time to the posting activities in ISC.

    The other reason could be the Sunday syndrome where we are inclined not to do anything till it becomes inevitable.

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    Maybe on Sunday, the Members remain busy to serve the respective Home Ministers. So, they don't get much time to contribute in this platform. And the Home Ministers remain busy to plan for the coming week, so, they also don't find much time to spend.

    Just joking!

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    Sunday is for purely enjoyment and being with family. What I feel that most of the members would have nice sleep extending up to noon even, Having blast with the family members cracking jokes and even going outing. Some members might want to give rest for the computer , laptop and their cell phone for a day and probably for these reasons the visits and contribution to this site is less on Sundays. Nevertheless this site needs some time from members even on Sunday and that can be any time during the day to keep the forum and other sections being lively and going.
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    Sunday is a holiday. It is applicable to ISC also, though ISC gate is kept open. We all work at ISC during the working days. Members working in offices utilize their leisure time to login to ISC. House wives too find their time when they are free at home without their hubby and school going children. So Sunday is the only day to complete their pending works and prepare for the next week. Also to spend their time happily with their family members; visit their relatives and friends; organize parties etc etc etc.

    Old members who may let the younger members of the family to enjoy (Like the author) might login to ISC during Sunday. Yet there are few active members like me who are present in ISC on Sundays too.

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    Thank you ME for your reminder regarding my post one year back. I even not remembered that I have posted this. Only after seeing your post I opened this. Anyhow thanks again.
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    Sundays mean different things for different people. For us, on sundays, the clock is slow and at times irrelevant. A late coffee, a brunch with home food or late breakfast from the nearby excellent South Indian restaurants. Then a leisurely family/cartoon movie. Yesterday we were watching the Fantastic Beasts and where to find them and then stopped half way for an afternoon nap. Evening was shopping for simple things close by and by dinner time back to preparing for the week ahead.

    What I mean is Sundays or any holiday is the time for the family interactions, need not be anything fancy for all of us but just simple quality time spent at leisure. This is the reason for me yesterday, I just visited the site, did one post. Some days, when work in light, I do spend more time on some Sundays.

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    For me the things are taking place as per the priority defined by us & this leads to our actions accordingly. Often the things already scheduled are getting diverted by the available & non-available entities like I was with my father yesterday, the whole day & when I came back to my residence, it was too late. So there are scenario which varies from time to time we don't have control onto. But the gaps can be come over by sparing some extra minutes.

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