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    A proper fencing and high alert needed for the power transformers located in public places

    As we see the power transformers (A transformer is an electrical device that transfers electrical energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction.) due to heavy load or due to weather the Transformers may get blasted with the effect of that some people who walk beside the Transformer may seriously be injured and even die. So a Proper fencing and high alert boards are needed to these types of Transformers. Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    In Telangana every transformer placed in the colonies are having totally fenced to keep away stray animals and people coming in contact with live wires. All the open transformers are totally barricaded with compound wall or steel mesh around. During rainy seasons, there are every chances of electric wires coming out of loose fittings and thus the danger of getting shocks is for sure. So there is a need for protecting the transformers with fence and this must be done on war footing method. And by having the barricade or compound, the electric department can also ensure pilfering of electricity by unruly elements and they can also prevent misuse of transformer by others.
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    There are rules and regulations in place for the erection of a transformer basing on the capacity of the transformer. These transformers outside will definitely be erected by the distribution co only. Why they ignore safety precautions prescribed by their organisation only. It is like the fencing itself eating away the crop. Fencing is to protect the crop. But if the fencing itself eats away the crop what to do? This is the situation. When a transformer is erected, there should be a fencing around within the prescribed distance. There should be a door and lock and the lock should be with the concerned authority. The oil of the transformer should get tested at particular intervals and if necessary it is to get filtered. In all industries, we all will follow these norms. But why the government department is not following these specifications.
    If these rules are followed correctly the problem of people getting hurt while walking on the road if any problem to the transformer will be avoided.

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    There are many places in the cities, old localities where we have the old transformers and relatively new ones on the foot path or next to a garbage spot or at the corner in a public playground. The ones on the footpath occupy the entire space forcing people to walk on the roads in the face of traffic from front and the back.

    Fencing and alerts, I have seen in some large ones, but there are numerous transformers in neighborhoods that have nothing and we can see cows tied under them and people parking their vehicles close to the pillars. Apart from a lack of awareness, it would the lack of land area and resources that would prevent transformers being safe.

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    I agree with the author that there is no proper facility available in this context. Doesn't matter whether its a park or the open market or the household, this creates a danger to the nearby locality. Recently somewhere in Delhi, because of improper wiring caused the short circuit & then the building come up with the fire all around. The family living in the ground floor died as they couldn't get the help on time. Although this incidence is famous still we continue to ignore or take this in a light manner. So this nothing but we are again inviting the accidents to us. We must be aware of these & precautions must be taken in order to come over this.

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