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    A different type of birthday celebration

    This evening I attended a get together at an auditorium which was a joint birthday celebration. This type of celebration is a routine function here on every first Sunday of the month. The celebrities will be those who had their birthdays in the previous month. This is organised by the ' Senior Citizens Forum', an organization attached to Changampuzha Samskarika Kendram, Edappally.
    Senior Citizens Forum is a group of senior citizens of this area, with a membership of around two thousand, all members being of age sixty plus.
    This Forum organises different programmes. Every Tuesday they organize a talk by an invited guest or a member of the Forum. New year day, Onam, and other days are also celebrated. Short tours are also organized. I myself had given three talks on different topics, earlier. Additionally, many of these forum join together in the park auditorium where several cultural, literary or other programmes are regularly organised.
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    I can understand the author for being in the august presence of senior citizens who have now formed a forum and making celebrations of their birthdays with difference and also deliberating things of their liking. Senior citizens are the living encyclopedia and each one of them have abundance of knowledge and wisdom. When so many senior citizens join at one place, that would be great activity to watch and cherish. And what is more important that when seniors see such type of gathering which has the equations of their own age persons performing there, even the non performer would get up to start something new and that kind of inducements cannot be seen anywhere. And by having such a forum for senior citizens , they can assert their rights to which they are eligible, mend the government to formulate policies in their favor and above all there would be total protection to the rights of seniors in the society as they are now guided by formidable force in the type of a registered association.
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    It is really good to note that senior citizens of Edappally are passing their time constructively. The activities of the Senior Citizens' Forum are definitely beneficial for the people of the locality in general and senior citizens in particular. Let the Forum continues its constructive activities in near and distant future.
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    A very well organized group of senior citizens there. It is really a great thing that these retired people have channelised their experience and energy in such a constructive and positive endeavour.

    We have also a group of retired people here in my place (Navi Mumbai) and have varied activities ranging from morning meets to evening lectures etc and though it is not so much organised as mentioned in this post by the author but it enables us to have opportunity to attend various knowledge sharing activities in this area.

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    It is very nice to know about the useful activities of a group of Senior citizen forming a society. A senior citizen's association means it is a bundle of knowledge and experience and a mix of the two. Each may be an expert in his own area and his talk on his subject will enlighten the others in a very rich way.
    The combined birthday celebration is a real new and good constructive thought by the forum there. These type of celebrations bring people together and give a lot of pleasure in mixing with each other in such celebrations.
    These forums can take up some training classes to the younger generations of the area who are really interested to get some useful information from the experienced seniors who can share their lessons learnt during their years of active service. Definitely, that will act as a morale boost to the people who are trying to excel in their field of service and shine in their career.

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    Nice to hear about this concept of senior citizens celebrating happy times. More than the birthday, I love the concept of these senior citizens truly enjoying life and having a good time which they really deserve in the first place.

    After a hard toil to meet the various ups and downs of life, we all enter into the sunset of our lives, so, instead of being withdrawn, depressed, alone without support, such groups would certainly, brighten and change the whole outlook towards the retired/senior citizens life.

    The best part of this thread is that, it has given ideas for people like me to remember when I/we reach that age.

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    But, Mr Sankaran, How do you celebrate the birthday of many senior citizens in one go. Do you cut cakes? If yes, Does everyone cut a separate cake? Is there any feast or tea party? Who bears the expenses? What gift do you give to the birthday boys (I mean the old guys). Please throw more light on this, for us to enjoy.
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    I too have experience in such celebration on different occasions & on different times. For example, in few of the organization, we are intimidated of the occasions through E-mails sent to the concern person while being copied to all the employees. Take a different instance then a lunch has been organized in the open park in order to celebrate their establishment time or in context to the completion of certain duration. I do feel that this remains the normal exercise throughout but however the approach would be different.

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    Regarding the doubts raised by Sri.SuN: Friend, there is no cake cutting or a feast. A cup of tea with one or two snacks will be served in their seats. Remember that the there will be about a hundred or more people altogether, that is the same include those who are present to witness the function. Their number will be always more.
    Regarding the expenditure involved, the fund is raised through small contributions from members. At the function, a small box will be kept near the stage which will have small opening at the top as in a 'hundika'. During or after the meeting those who are present will put some amount as their contribution. There will be no compulsion in this. For example yesterday I saw a member putting a hundred rupee note. I just put a five hundred note. Like this different people contribute depending on their capacity. Nobody will know what others are contributing. Even the office bearers will not know that. There will be no gift to any person, other than a red rose.
    On the birthday ( on the exact date), one or two committee members will visit the house of the person who has a birthday on that day and wish him/her and will invite to attend the get together on the first Sunday of next month.


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    This is a very good idea to bring the senior citizens together. There is one 'CRC Old Age Home" at Ravulapalem in Andhra Pradesh. The birthday of the inmates is celebrated individually in the auditorium. A prominent person of the locality will be invited as Chief Guest and the birthday will be celebrated. A very good practice indeed. The expenditure is borne by the management.
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