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    Who has the actual moral responsibility?

    Just now I have got the news. Karnataka North Congress Working President Shri SR Patil has tendered his resignation on moral grounds owing to party's performance in recent Assembly elections in the state. Shri Patil has sent his resignation letter to the Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi. The 69-year-old leader had been the minister in the previous Siddaramiah Government. He served as the Minister for Infrastructure, Information Technology, Biotechnology, Science and Technology, Planning and Statistics in the State Government.

    Frankly speaking, I never knew about Shri Patil earlier. It seems that he is not a very important leader of the party. He was not in the limelight during the long election campaign of the party. The Party President Shri Rahul Gandhi and the former Cheif Minister Shri Siddaramaiah were the faces of the party during the campaign phase.

    I think the Party President has more responsibility in the debacle of the Congress party in the recently held Assembly election. Shouldn't the Party President Shri Gandhi follow the footsteps of the veteran leader, Shri SR Patil, and tender his resignation for the drubbing his party received?

    Just asking.
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    Talking about moral responsibility, the Congress President Rahul Gandhi should have resigned many times in recent past as every elections held in states has gone to the kitty of BJP and thus being the party President he ought to have resigned. But Congress never followed the principles of morals and for that party anything is okay to remain in power even at the cost of compromising their so called ideals. One thing is sure, the voters are keenly watching the happenings in Karnataka. That they gave fractured mandate and that implies that BJP should form the government with the support of JDs but Congress took the lead by portraying all sorts of negative things against BJP and now occupied the power. And now what about the promise of probing the corruption charges against the Siddharamiah government. Will Kumara Swamy keep quiet. Now the BJP must raise the issue every time to force the government to act against digging the past corrupt practices during Siddharamaih goverment.
    K Mohan
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    Will Modiji and Amit Shahji follow the footsteps due to the debacles in the recent bye-elections?
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    Saji please note that the bye-elections are not fought with interest and end result expectations. Some constituencies have the local candidate who are over and above the national parties. They are bound to get elected and that does not mean the BJP has weakened. If you see the voting share of all the seats the BJP has lost, it did comparatively well than the last time and also garnered good amount of vote share. So the votes were not eroded , but the candidates from other parties have won. Moreover for Parliament seat the voting pattern would be different and the voters have their own choices.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There should be something to compare better. The party president who is the prime body of a party and who is seen by the world should not be compared with a invisible and unknown petty party president of a division of a state (karnataka north). If the nominated party president of an area failed to work hard and yield good results, does it imply to the Party president's incapacity. In any case, even if the heaven falls, Rahul Gandhi need not to resign. He should accept the resignation of that party president and ensure to have a better party president in that area.

    If so, why not the BJP president resign after the declaration of by poll results?

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    In my opinion, this senior leader of Congress might have resigned not due to the debacle of the party in the recent elections. He was a minister in the previous government. But this time due to the distribution of the positions between the two parties all Congress ministers couldn't be accommodated. In this process probably he or his other friends might have been unhappy. This may be the actual cause of his resignation. If he really worried about his responsibility why should he wait till now? He might have offered his resignation long back. If not immediately after the elections at least after the present CM proved his majority he might have resigned. These days such political dramas are becoming very common. I am not clear whether he is a sitting MLA or not. Did he contest in the elections or not?
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    What Modi and Amit Shah has to do here when the thread is talking about the Congress and its leader? I feel the Congress party and its supporter if want to get the same place and faith of the people, they should stop blaming others and try to fix the problem they have within them. Just putting your gun on other shoulders will take you nowhere!

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    Should the grandfather of all parties be compared with a party which was born only in 1980? The grandfather must show the way!
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    The outcome or the performance of any political party during any election doesn't have spaces about who are responsible or who are not responsible but instead who can be encashed in the long term. So considering this & if I am right then Rahul Gandhi is a brand ambassador of the Congress Party & the reason that the Congress party doesn't having any other faces to rely upon even after senseless talk & so many & consistent failures he will continue to head the Congress Party. Now Shri Patil, isn't a face value for whatsoever reason & so it doesn't matter to anyone of his actions.

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