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    Agni V missile test fired successfully.

    India is successful in developing long-range missiles for safeguarding the interest of the Nation. yesterday it was tested in APJ Abdul Kalam missile testing range at Balasore and the results are very encouraging. So far 5 tests were conducted and all the 5 tests are conducted successfully. This missile is having the capability of destroying entire China if it is aimed at from India itself. This is an intercontinental firing range missile and DRDO is responsible for the development of this missile. Now India is in the elite club with USA, Russia, Britain, France and China in having these intercontinental missiles. This is really a checkpoint for both China and Pakistan. My hearty congratulations to all the people who made this possible and I hope other members will join me in congratulating DRDO for this invention.
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    Good that India has been forging ahead and keeping abreast with the developed countries in developing Intercontinental missiles. Surely this would be the warning for Pakistan not meddle with India and create havoc in Internal affairs. With Agni V we can even target China. All these days Pakistan has been showing attitude against India that it has the blessings of China. Now India can attack even China, if Pakistan goes over board across the border and create tension for no reason. Henceforth India should sternly give reply to Pakistan if happens to create tension across the border.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This makes me feel delighted from within that my country is more independent now for its safety & defense mechanism. India remains the only country on this planet who never attacked any other country for acquisition of their land but still & consistently in agreement with peace & development. But with this the developing of these war equipment is the need of the our & we shouldn't halt here but continue to acquire more deadly weapons. This s required for our survival. So congratulating the whole team for this. Keep up with more.

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    Congratulations to the DRDO for having the Agni V nuclear capable intercontinental ballistic missile that has most of China within its range (around 5.500 kms).
    In the eyes of the world, India has a image of being a quiet Nation and not a trouble maker. These advances in space technology and arms will send out a clear signal that we are not mere pushovers. Slowly the elite nuclear weapons club is increasing.

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    With this success, India has acquired the capability of delivering nuclear payload even at the farthest corner of China. Kudos to Indian scientists and engineers. This capability will make India more powerful and strategically more important. Now, it is high time to induct the improved version (current version) of Agni in India's arsenal.

    Thereafter, we must go for Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM).

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