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    Feeling good about oneself

    It is so important that we feel very good about ourselves. If we can't love ourselves, who else will?

    Well, in reality, since we get to see so many atrocities going on, since we are helpless about most or all of them in any given situation, our mind is sort of automatically tuned to receive so many negative signals. And if we some one slightly smarter than we are, or really very smart, we tend to feel very small. We even start finding or discovering something new in us, as if that were sure to run us down for a decade!!

    For example, very few can express their thoughts in literary Tamil. Qualifications do not matter. Huge hard work and deep interest do matter.

    The former Chief Minister, Mr M Karunanidhi, of Tamil Nadu, is not even a matriculate. Yet, only Tamil scholors with a doctorate can understand his speeches in literary Tamil. I have so many people feel sorry that they are nowhere near him!!!

    This is what am unable to fathom. Everyone cannot be an expert in everything. There is no need to, either.

    For, the world is full of common sense creative opportunities. We need to figure out where we fit in and then explore what all we can do. Having a close circle of good well wishers can be very useful in helping us weather any storm in life.

    We should indeed feel very good about ourselves. Today, and forever.
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    Feeling good about oneself is good but feeling too much about oneself will lead to over confidence and head strong. Instead of we feeling good by ourselves, others should watch our performance and moves and they must judge our feelings and that should be complement and pride. If others appreciate means, we are on right track and there need not be corrections done regarding our attitude and behavior etc. But what I have seen that those who are achievers and great scholars in life and very modest and down to earth. That itself a big complement for them and we have to emulate those high qualities.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    These days the HR consultants are talking about SWOT analysis. Each individual can get this analysis done for self. If one can identify his strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats threats, he will have the best chances to go in the right direction. When we go for the fields where our strengths matter and weaknesses will not matter, chances of success are very high. Before choosing a field one can think of the opportunities and threats in that particular field. Then one can be assured of his victory. Everyone should have self respect. He need not surrender unnecessarily to someone. He can maintain his specialty and at the same he need not be proud about himself. Be maintain self respect but never be proud.
    always confident

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    It is very important and even very much needed to feel good about oneself. We need to be optimistic inside of us, to live a life that we want to live. In order to maintain that optimism or morale to be satisfied with ourselves, we need to keep telling ourselves that every experience that we get is a learning for us.
    There are moments when mind just does not work and we feel like completely lost and diminished, that point in time, we need to recall the moments which brought us appreciations and happiness.
    It is always ok to be average or normal, we are not here to be always on the top, life is much beautiful if seen from a normal height, but not like having the head of a giraffe and you need to bring your head lot down to see how others are doing. So, it is pretty fine and good to be how you are. We need to love our essence and elegance.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    A good thought. I feel along with feeling good with ourselves, we should learn to trust and have confidence on ourselves, that we will do well, we can get a job, we can take care of things.

    In the workplace, what happens in reality is due to the immense competition, the traditional concept of experience will pay rich dividends has changed, it is the young, relatively little experience budding people whom the companies can afford to keep are being preferred over experienced employees (who will need a larger pay packet).

    We need to street smart and try to grasp what is really happening around us.When we do this and have a positive approach, we can feel good about us and also be successful.

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    Different personalities on this planet earth have got different sets of capabilities along with a set of responsibilities to do before we leave for something else beyond this matristic world. The problem is that instead of knowing ourselves we all continue to compare ourselves with others & in due course we are more or less confused of our achievements or not feeling happy with the targets are close that we these are about to conquer. Perhaps we still managing to get the things which lead us to the maximum satisfaction but again this seem never possible but still we keep on trying on different arrangements. But we can't help it.

    It's a matter of attitude which has been developed within us since long, We are not feeling happy of what we have but we what others don't have. In a similar way, we are sad from within because we don't have what others are enjoying.

    I agree with the author that only in the case that we continue to enjoy what we have, we wouldn't having the enjoyment in whatsoever way. This is a small life with uncertainty of timing & so why to look after everything & still desire for more.

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