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    Why not cool off for sometime?

    The general elections are due in 2019. The forum section at ISC is very much heated up. I do not know whether Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi are heated up as much as our forum. This is summer. The temperatures are very high outside. Even in the cool of our airconditioned rooms, we are unnecessarily getting heated up. Why can't we wait until winter when it will be cool outside and inside? Afterall it is the voters across India that decide the fate when the time comes. Let us be cool and beat the summer heat.
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    Even we are not discussing here, we are bound to discuss the 2019 election and politics with our friends and relatives and also in other social media. Unless like past , now every one of us are instantly connected with social media and the sharing that takes place regarding elections and overtures of various parties, we are bound to discuss forthwith and that will carry on till the elections are held next May 2019. By the way taking side is not a bad idea and that will bring fruitful discussion in this forum and by the way if person goes wrong with the support and information, he can be corrected.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    You are very right. Excitement is not going to help. The voters will decide their fate and our speculation is only a guesswork varying from one person to another.

    We are too much involved in national politics which is at a delicate juncture and requires an honest and stable Govt for any fruitful development.

    In our excitement we are sometimes forgetting the limits of the discussions and are being swayed away in dark terrains of virtual fighting.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Every member of ISC is having his own judgement and he knows what is good and what is bad for him. But unfortunately in India many people are not like this. They never know the value of their vote. They will decide about their vote only one day before. They don't have any pressure or tension. The people who are getting heated up and raising the temperature may or may not vote even. However everybody is free to express their opinions.The arguments can't be taken to heart and there is no point in getting heated up. Discussions are only to exchange views and know the things and getting updated. These discussions or arguments are not going to alter the results or the fate of government.
    So whether it is summer or winter or any other season let us maintain our cool and get more educated with the informations available and knowedge shared. After all no one is perfect.

    always confident

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    Well said by the author, I think it is human nature to be passionately involved in the party and the leader we believe in ( knowingly or unknowingly) but knowingly, the discussion quickly becomes personal because we cannot digest the facts that other people have about the opposite party or low opinion of the leaders we like.

    I had raised a related thread Why do discussions on Politics become very personal?.

    We need to be cool and rational when we present views and counter views.

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